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Bot Lane: What is a bot lane?

When playing Summoner’s Rift in League of Legends (or other MOBA games like Dota 2), the five players on a team have the choice of going either the top lane, mid (or middle) lane, jungle, or bot (or bottom) lane. Now you might be wondering why there are five players but only four positions.

Well, this is because two champions are to go in the bottom lane while only one is supposed to go in every other position. The reason for this is, that since ADC champions tend to be more vulnerable than other champions, giving them a support makes sense.

In addition, ADC champions mostly focus on their basic attack damage instead of skills, because of which they could afford to share the XP with another champion as long as they get gold from farming minions.

How does it differ from bot champion?

As mentioned above, two champions go in the bottom lane. The first is the support, while the second is the bot champion (also known as ADC). The role of the bot champion is to farm minions and buy items that increase the attack damage of the champion to get as powerful as possible. Additionally, bot champions are almost exclusively marksmen.

Luckily, for people having issues finding a good support when they go bot in the bottom lane, provides a ‘play with booster’ option where you can hire a professional player to play with you on your terms. To learn more about this, check out our guide on the teammate system by Eloking.

What’s next?

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