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Top Lane: What is top lane in MOBA games like League of Legends?

In almost every MOBA, three roles just make sense because there are three different lanes. There’s the middle one, the bottom one, and, the topic of today, the top lane.

The top lane is the closest you could get to a 1v1 in a MOBA. This is because not only does the top player go in alone (unlike the bot player who has a duo/support), but the lane is longer and further away when compared to the other lanes. This means that ganks are always kept to a minimum, and it’s just the two top laners duking it out.

Because of the 1v1 nature of the lane, it makes sense to pick a character who’s either a tank or can take advantage of the long lane to deal high damage. In LoL, for example, players tend to pick Shen because of him being a very good tank when appropriately built.

When it comes to Summoner’s Spells, top players tend to pick a combination of ignite and teleport. Ignite is best for when you want that extra bit of damage to take the enemy out, and teleport is self-explanatory. Since the chances of getting any sort of help are slim, it’s more efficient to teleport to the turret to stop it from taking too much damage.

One major advantage of going top in LoL, however, is that you can afford to make dangerous plays as long as you ward properly. Statistically speaking, a jungle is least likely to gank top and most likely to gank middle. If you’re able to work with your team’s jungle, you could catch your opponent by surprise.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that some players just aren’t cut out to be a top laner, as every role demands different attributes. Top laning, for example, demands a lot of patience. If you’re unsure of what role you should play, here’s an article on the best roles in LoL.

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