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League of Legends Best Role 2021


A lot of players especially the newer ones will struggle to find a role that suit them best, while we can't guarantee that we will find the best role for you but we will definitely help you pick the role that flows with your play style.

Top Lane

Top lane is actually quite an important role as it allows for a ton of different play styles but most importantly it's one of the most isolated roles in League of Legends, while the others do interact with each other quite often. Top lane is best known for an island, but don't worry you can often take teleport to Rome in order to help your team. As a top laner you're constantly looking to outplay your opponents by either staying safe and scaling or dominating them out of pure skill, it's constantly a battle of wits and depending on your champion. One advantage is all it takes to carry your team to victory, so with this in mind it means that you'll be in a 1v1 scenario for most of the game, if you're into solo oriented playstyle, top lane can offer a more enjoyable experience.


It is similar to top lane, the jungle is a fairly solo oriented role or at least for a part of the game, it's best known for it's ability to impact every lane of the game and tends to control what objectives are taken, alongside this, junglers farm camps rather than minions and gank lanes meaning that then don't have an actual lane opponent while most junglers may occasionally clash at scuttle or during invades if necessary it's possible to completely avoid the enemy jungler to avoid being killed yourself, with that being said, as a jungler it's up to you to either carry the game or put your team in a position that they can carry, this means you will often have to prioritize having extremely high farm and experience or you will be looking to constantly gank your allies and getting them ahead. If you're somebody who wants to have a lot of control over the game, then Jungle is your way.

Mid Lane

It is arguably one of the most popular roles in the game, alongside it's popularity, it boasts one of the highest shampoos as well which is allows for a lot of different play styles, with that being said, it's position is quite literally in the middle of the map which allows them to impact all other roles quite easily, it has a nice combination of jungle and top lane characteristics as a mid laner, it's best to consider you and your jungler as a duo, this is because you are uniquely able to help your jungler as fast as possible pretty much constantly considering that you have the shortest lane and it's the best central on the map, there are a variety of different play styles so whether you're looking to farm to late game, roam with your jungler or burst people as an assassin, you'll surely find a champion that suits for you.

Bottom Lane - ADC

If you ever played a lot of mmo rpgs then this role will feel kinda similar to you. The role of ADC is best known for it's highest role with also some of the longest range, yet, having the lowest health bars. The entire goal of an ADC is to dish out as much damage as possible before dying, their kits often allow them to scale incredibly well into the late game when compared to other champions, but they still have various play styles, while they may not have as many champions as other roles in the game, it's still extremely fun to be the person who is going to be doing all the damage. Bear in mind that everyone on the enemy team is also going to be trying to kill you. So be careful with that.

Bottom Lane - Support

They are in the bottom lane with the ADC, and usually aim to either protect them early on or get them ahead, plus sometimes they will even gank mid to help get their mid laner ahead as well. They're on of the best primary methods of your team to gain vision control, this means that they're often looking to prepare objectives or set up vision in order protect the team from just blindly walking into the fog of war. They're quite literally the team's biggest supporters, Supportive champions are built to help their team out in one way or another so whether getting the ADC ahead or something in between. Support has something for everybody to enjoy, so if you're looking to help your team then support is your choice. Nevertheless, support role isn't really the most ideal role that our boosters use in our LOL Boosting Services because they have the lowest carry capabilities but those roles really shine in the late game.

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