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League of Legends XP Boost Guide


What is XP boost?

In LoL, an XP boost is used to accelerate your XP accrual for leveling up and gaining more blue essence. This allows you to level up your account faster and unlock chromas when they become available. It's especially helpful for players who are unable to play every day, or new ones trying to reach level 30 as fast as possible.

There are two kinds of boosts available:

Duration boosts and Win boosts.

A duration boost gives you XP bonuses for a set period. Whenever you gain XP within this time, you will receive double the amount of XP you would usually. There is a variety of ranges. The shortest duration boost lasts 1 day, and the longest lasts for 30. If there is any planned server downtime for maintenance, you will have the duration of your boost extended.

Win boosts work differently. They only give you bonus XP when you actually win a match; a flat bonus of 210 XP. A win boost is definitely the better option for a player who cannot play often, as they aren't pressured to play whilst their boost is active. One advantage of a win boost over a duration boost is that you get a flat bonus rather than one that is multiplicative. So even if the match doesn't last very long, you'll receive a large amount of XP.

This is a smart boost to use whilst you are getting boosted by one of our pro players because their win rate will be incredibly high, and the games will be shorter than Normals.

One thing to note is that you can use both boost types simultaneously.

How to get XP boost?

You can purchase them from the LoL store using RP. The price varies depending on how long you would like the boost to last and which kind of boost you are purchasing. A duration boost costs more than a win boost.

How to use XP boost in LoL?

Using an LoL XP boost is the same as buying an XP boost. To buy an XP boost you must navigate to the store page. This can be found by clicking the little stack of coins on the top right-hand side of the navigation bar. It looks like this:


Once you are in the League of Legends store, you will want to left-click on Accessories and then tick boosts. You can untick the other options to ensure you only see the boosts.

Store Icon > Accessories > Boosts.


Then select the boost you want. Ensure that you have enough RP to buy the boost first. If you don't have enough RP, click on the large Purchase RP button in the top right, then select the amount you wish to purchase.

The rest is up to you. Simply enter your card details, and you should get the RP you bought within seconds. After you've done that, come back to the store, and make your way to the boosts section again.

Tip 1:

If you want to get great value for a 14-day boost. Move to the champions section, unselect the Boosts filter, and select the Bundles filter instead. When you purchase a Lane Starter Pack, it will include a 14-day boost alongside a bunch of Champions, skins and a summoner icon. All of this is 50% cheaper than buying a 14-day boost directly.

This is a great thing to buy if you're a new player or an old one trying to farm blue essence (BE). Note that you can only purchase these lane bundles once.


Tip 2:

If you are trying to level up an account fast, play Co-op vs AI. Pick an ADC champion and take a rune that allows for accelerated structure damage, like the Demolish rune. The reasons for this are simple:

Whilst you earn less XP from AI matches than normal matches, the queue times will be incredibly short, as the matchmaker does not need to factor in your MMR. This means you can get into matches instantly, and you don't need to wait for 5 - 10 minutes to play like you would playing normal matches. You will also win far more bot games than you would be playing normals, especially if you are a new player who doesn't understand all the mechanics and basic strategies yet. ADC is a fairly simple role for a player new to League of Legends, and you can easily dictate the pace of the match vs AI. Overall, this will lead to vastly more play time and wins. You also won't have to stress yourself out like you might vs other players. So you can sit back relax and farm some XP.

If you have an old account you are probably better off playing normal matches, as the XP penalty that higher-level accounts receive for playing AI matches is heavier.

Once you have bought an XP boost they are immediately activated, so only buy them when you are ready to use them, especially if it is a duration boost.

How to activate XP boost in LoL?

Upon buying an XP boost you need not do anything further, it will automatically start boosting your XP for the time or number of wins chosen; choose your purchase timing wisely.

Does XP boost stack?

Unfortunately, XP boosts do not stack in League. This is a common error in many players understanding of the word stack. You can use both a duration boost and a win boost at the same time, but their effects do not play off of each other. So a duration boost won't double your win boost reward. It will only double the standard win-loss XP you receive from a match.

Additionally, you cannot have more than one of the same type of XP boost active. So you cannot have two win boosts active at the same type; the same goes for duration boosts.

Where to see if you have an active XP boost?

A purple arrow icon will display in your profile section.


It should be on the right of your summoner icon like so:


You have not purchased a boost if it is greyed out instead of purple like the above. If you did buy a League of Legends boost and it is not coloured, hover over it and see if it gives details about your XP boost. If it does not say anything, try restarting your game. If it still doesn't change, contact Riot support , and share your purchase history.

What’s next?

Now that you have learned something new about League of Legends - it’s time you start playing and get better at the game. We can help! Purchase Eloking League of Legends Boost right now and start playing at the rank you deserve!

Alternatively, you can Join our Discord Server & participate in various giveaways!

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