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5 Tips to Win Your Placement Matches in Overwatch 2


Every ranked match might be important when it comes to an online shooter such as Overwatch, but we would like to argue that placement matches are actually the MOST important, even more so than, say, promotion matches.

After all, if you win a good number of placement matches at the very start of the season, and land in a good rank from the get go, then chances are you’ll get the necessary push to carry on that momentum. As they say, if the beginning is good, then the rest will follow.

Today we’re going through some of the most important tips possible that are sure to help you win your placement matches in Overwatch 2.

Tip #1: Do Research On Current Meta Heroes

At the start of every season, there are heroes that are either nerfed or buffed. More often than not, one or two heroes are buffed in a way that gives the player/team that uses them a HUGE advantage.

Therefore, we recommend going through the patch/update notes and checking if any heroes you like to play or know how to play in general have been strengthened. Additionally, be sure to check in with websites such as Reddit and other social media websites where players might comment on a hero being overpowered.

Naturally, where some heroes might get buffed to be overpowered, others might be nerfed to oblivion. When going through the patch/update notes, don’t forget to go through the heroes that have taken a hit too.

Tip #2: Play Duo With Players You Trust

Overwatch 2 is a team-based game, and as such it’s important to be able to depend on teammates. However, when queuing up solo, it isn’t easy to find good teammates every time.

On the contrary, most of the time you’ll probably be matched up with players who are either not skilled at the game (after all, in placement matches low skilled players are to be expected), or only interested in playing DPS instead of playing for the team, or trollers in general.

Therefore, we recommend you play with one or more people in your lobby from the get-go to ensure that you have at least one person you can rely on to play well and support you when you need it.

Of course, not everyone has someone like that, in which case the best recommendation we can give is hiring a professional Overwatch 2 player from, and turning on the ‘play with booster’ option. This way you’ll get a professional player on your team who’ll help you win your placement matches.

Tip #3: Remember to Take Breaks

This one’s honestly a tip that applies to you regardless of whether you’re playing a placement match or a ranked matched in general. However, we believe it is twice as important for placement matches in particular.

We say this because there are only a set number of placement matches you have to play before getting a rank. Because of this, many players have the mindset of getting a rank as quickly as possible.

However, with this mindset, chances are you’ll carry on playing even if you aren’t able to play as well as you normally would, may that be because you’re sleepy, tired, or just not having a good day.

Therefore, it’s always recommended to take breaks in between placement matches, especially if you’re either on a losing streak or if you’re feeling fatigued. Rest now to fight another day is what we say.

Tip #4: Consider Warming Up Before Playing

Similar to how many professional players tend to warm up before jumping in a competitive or ranked match (such as players that play CS:GO, Valorant, or any other FP game), it might be a good idea to warm up your own aim before jumping in a placement match session.

Of course, we aren’t telling you to go to aimlabs or something every single time you jump in ranked, but we do believe you should play some quick play matches in Overwatch 2 before jumping in ranked to play your placement matches to increase your chances of winning.

Tip #5: Have a Professional Play For You

As we mentioned above, the placement matches in Overwatch 2 are arguably more important than other competitive/ranked matches. Therefore, it might be a good idea to hire a professional player to win your placement matches for you.

Of course, because Overwatch 2 is a team based game and unpredictable events may occur because of which winning is never 100% guaranteed, the players over at Eloking are the cream of the crop in terms of skill.

Because of that, you can expect to have more chances of winning your placement matches if you hire a player from here when compared to any other similar service provider out there. It helps that our rates are also the lowest you’ll find anywhere, with there never being any compromise when it comes to the quality of our services.

What’s next?

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