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Trolling: What is trolling in online games?

Online video games are great. They allow gamers to meet like-minded people and play with or against them. However, not everyone you come across is playing to win. Some players are there to mess with other players, and those types of players are called trollers.

From something mundane like teabagging after eliminating another player to something bannable like purposefully giving the enemy kills so that their team loses the match, trolling can be done to various degrees.

However, what everything that can be considered to be trolling has in common is that they’re all intentional actions that could be perceived as direct attacks towards the enjoyment of another player or players in a video game.

The bottom line is that trollers, or players who partake in trolling, do so either to get some thrill out of it or to attempt to ruin the game for others. If you’re coming across too many trollers in your games as your teammates, then consider hiring a professional to play with you. Learn more about how Eloking’s teammate system works for Valorant, as well as how it works for LoL.

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