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How to Win More Ranked Games in League of Legends

How to Win More Ranked Games in League of Legends

Does it feel as though no matter how many ranked games you play in League of Legends, you just aren't able to climb to the next rank? That every time you win one game, you lose one game too to even the scales? Well, that might be because you need some tips that are guaranteed to help you win more ranked games in League of Legends.

Now, winning more ranked games isn't a case of focusing on only one thing. Instead, you need to focus on a variety of factors if you want to increase the number of ranked games you win. Champion master, map awareness, objective prioritization, effective communication, adaptability, flexibility, and mental resilience all play a role in helping you win more ranked matches in League of Legends.

Today, we're here to go through some factors that are sure to help you win more ranked games in LoL.

#1: Champion Mastery


Dynamic illustration of fantasy game characters in an intense battle scene


While it might be tempting to try your hand at every champion in the roster of LoL, honing your skills on a select few can be the key to achieving consistent victory. 

Each champion boasts a unique set of abilities, playstyle, and strengths. By focusing your efforts on a limited pool of champions, you can delve deep into their intricacies, uncovering the nuances of their mechanics, and understanding their distinct power spikes. 

However, perhaps more important than champion mastery is versatility. The League of Legends landscape is as diverse as it is dynamic, and your ability to adapt to different team compositions and counter your opponents is invaluable. 

Sometimes, you might find that the champion you have been primarily playing as, even if it's one of the best champions to main, just doesn't work against a specific team. In this scenario, it's crucial to try new champions.

Remember, maintaining a diverse champion pool equips you to navigate the ever-shifting meta, ensuring you always have the right champion for the right situation. Whether it's a tanky frontliner to soak up damage or a high burst ADC to eliminate priority targets, versatility grants you the power to shape the battlefield according to your team's needs.

#2: Map Awareness


Overview of a detailed fantasy game map with varied terrains and strategic points


The minimap isn't just a colorful display; it's a portal to the entire Summoner's Rift. Regularly glancing at the minimap should become an instinctive habit. By doing so, you gain invaluable information about the enemy's movements, their positions, and their intentions. 

Recognizing when opponents are missing from their lanes can prevent unexpected ganks and help you make informed decisions about your next move. Keeping track of enemy jungler sightings can guide your positioning and objective control, giving you a significant edge.

Wards act as beacons of knowledge, illuminating areas of the map that would otherwise remain obscured. Properly placed wards not only protect you from ganks but also enable you to make informed choices about engagements, rotations, and objectives. 

Finally, remember that vision isn't just about avoiding ambushes; it's a critical tool in the contest for objectives. Whether it's the infernal flames of the Dragon, the empowering Rift Herald, or the game-changing Baron Nashor, securing these objectives can turn the tide of battle. Vision control around these areas is paramount. 

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#3: Objective Prioritization


Video game character defending against attack near a turret


You have to remember that objectives serve as the ultimate goals that drive the course of a match. How teams approach and contest these objectives often determines the flow of the game and, ultimately, its outcome. Mastering the art of objective prioritization is, therefore, an essential skill for any player aiming to excel in ranked games.

At the heart of objective prioritization lies a delicate balance between opportunity and risk. Understanding when to seize an advantage and when to bide your time is a skill that comes with experience and strategic thinking. Dragon, Rift Herald, and Baron Nashor are the primary objectives that can tilt the scales in your favor, and knowing when and how to engage with them can be the deciding factor between victory and defeat.


#4: Effective Communication


Fantasy game character wielding a sword with a command wheel displaying game options


In the heat of battle, the ping system becomes your lifeline. A well-placed ping can alert your team to an impending gank, signal that an enemy has gone missing from their lane, or indicate your intentions for a specific objective.

For the ping to work, however, maintaining a positive attitude is paramount. Instead of resorting to blame when a play goes awry, focus on offering constructive feedback. Encourage your teammates after successful engagements and commend them for their efforts. A supportive atmosphere can dramatically improve morale and, consequently, performance.

Teamwork extends beyond communication. It involves synchronized movement, understanding your teammates' capabilities, and playing to each other's strengths. During the champion selection phase, consider your team's composition and work together to create a well-rounded roster that addresses potential weaknesses and capitalizes on strengths. During the match, pay attention to your teammates' positioning, cooldowns, and intentions, allowing you to time your abilities and movements more effectively.

Of course, it all starts with how your teammates are. If you get paired up with good teammates then you can trust them to understand that you want the same thing they do; to win. 

However, if you get paired up with bad teammates, then no amount of communication will be able to help you. This is why we always recommend players either play with friends they know or hire a professional level teammate from Eloking to play with them.

#5: Adaptability and Flexibility


League of Legends champion selection screen showing various characters


As you delve into the battlegrounds of Summoner's Rift, you must be ready to swiftly alter your approach to match the ever-changing flow of the game. This means being open to adjusting your playstyle, build, and overall strategy based on the evolving circumstances and needs of the team.

One of the key aspects of adaptability is champion versatility. While having a core set of champions that you excel at is essential, being able to proficiently play a variety of champions across different roles can offer a significant edge. This allows you to provide your team with the needed flexibility during champion selection and adapt to both your team's composition and the opponents'.

Assess the strengths and weaknesses of both your team and the enemy as the game progresses. If your initial strategy isn't bearing fruit or if the opponent is exploiting certain weaknesses, don't hesitate to change the strategy. 

This might involve switching lanes, prioritizing different objectives, or even altering your build path to better counter your adversaries.

#6: Mental Positivity


Game defeat screen with 'DEFEAT' banner over a fantasy battlefield


Ranked games in League of Legends are more than just a test of mechanical skill, they're also a trial of mental strength. The high stakes, competitive nature of ranked matches can evoke a rollercoaster of emotions, from the exhilaration of victory to the frustration of defeat. 

In this challenging environment, mental resilience and positivity emerge as crucial assets that can greatly impact your performance and, ultimately, your climb up the ranks.

Now, there are several things we would recommend to help you maintain a positive attitude when climbing the ranks. These things include:

At the end of the day, the same thing doesn't work for everyone. Try to find a good stress reliever or try playing in short bursts if you find yourself getting tilted a lot.


What’s next?

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