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Mastery: What is mastery system in League of Legends?

Mastery is a progression system that tracks a player's aptitude and experience with each champion. At the end of every match, players receive a mastery grade which is calculated after comparing the player's performance with that of the whole player base when it comes to that specific champion and position combination.

These grades accumulate over time until they eventually unlock new mastery levels for your champions, with good mastery levels and grades giving players rewards such as Hextech chests and emotes.

A player's mastery level with a specific champion is displayed for everyone to see on the loading screen and in the player's profile. Additionally, either getting an S- or above or reaching a new mastery level will alert all players in the post-game lobby via a text callout in chat.

When was the mastery system introduced?

The mastery system in League of Legends was introduced in 2015 as part of a major update to the game. Prior to this update, there was no way for players to earn rewards and recognition for their skill and dedication to the game. The introduction of the mastery system was a major change that was well-received by the community, and it has become an important part of the game.

The mastery system was introduced in order to provide players with a way to show off their skills and achievements in the game. The system is divided into two main parts: champion mastery, which rewards players for their skill with individual champions, and summoner mastery, which rewards players for their overall skill and progress in the game. By earning mastery points and unlocking rewards, players can show off their skills and dedication to the game, and can receive recognition from other players.

How has the mastery system evolved over time?

Since its introduction in 2015, the mastery system in League of Legends has undergone several changes and improvements. These changes have helped to keep the mastery system relevant and interesting, and have allowed it to evolve along with the game. Some of the ways in which the mastery system has evolved over time include:

Can you fast track the mastery system progress?

While it is not possible to fast track progress in the mastery system, there are some things that players can do to increase their chances of earning more mastery points and advancing their mastery levels. For example, players can try to play well and win games, as this will earn them more points and help them advance their mastery levels more quickly. Additionally, players can try to focus on mastering specific champions, as this will allow them to earn more points and advance their mastery levels faster.

Can you exploit the mastery system?

The mastery system uses a variety of measures to prevent exploitation and ensure fairness. For example, the system uses algorithms and other methods to detect and prevent players from using hacks, bots, or other forms of cheating to gain an unfair advantage. Additionally, the system is designed to reward players for their skill and dedication, and does not provide any rewards for players who are inactive, AFK, or not playing the game.

If a player is caught trying to exploit the mastery system, they may face penalties or other consequences. For example, players who are found to be using hacks, bots, or other forms of cheating may be banned from the game, or may have their mastery levels and rewards reset. Additionally, players who are found to be inactive, AFK, or not playing the game may have their mastery levels reduced, or may have their rewards revoked.

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