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Ranked: What are ranked games and how do they differ from unranked?

Every competitive game has two matchmaking types. The first, more casual one is called unranked, where you don’t put anything on the line and can play to have fun. The second, however, is called ranked where you put your ELO, MMR, points, or whatever ranking system the game you’re playing has, on the line.

Players of all games tend to take ranked mode very seriously and to reflect the seriousness of the players, the game developers take it seriously as well. Leaving in between matches, killing teammates, being toxic, throwing the game on purpose, everything has consequences that are much more strict than unranked modes.

This is because every player aims to climb the ranks and get to the highest possible ranks. From bronze to silver, from silver to gold, from gold to platinum or diamond, nothing beats the satisfaction of inching closer and closer to reaching the highest rank and getting the right to call yourself one of the best players in the game.

Fortunately, we have multiple efficient guides for some of the top games right now. We have one for getting Radiant in Valorant, and another that taught players how to solo carry in League of Legends, Riot’s other game. Finally, we also have a guide on how to rank up faster in CS:GO.

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