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Unranked: What are unranked matches?

Many players play competitive online games to be the very best, like no one ever was (rank-wise, of course). However, some only want to play the game and have fun, usually with friends. The unranked matchmaking mode is the way to go for those types of players.

An unranked match usually has players try harding less because there’s no rank on the line. For most games, a player’s k/d doesn’t get affected in unranked mode as well because it’s more casual. Unlike in ranked mode, the unranked modes are usually already unlocked in every game, and it is by playing enough of them that a player unlocks the ranked or competitive mode.

Usually, players play unranked for one of several reasons:

  1. They have no interest in ranked or playing seriously and just want to enjoy the game
  2. They can’t play ranked with their friends because of the difference in rank, so they play unranked instead
  3. They’re warming up before playing ranked
  4. They haven’t unlocked ranked yet, so they’re playing unranked matches to unlock it
  5. They might not have the time to play a full match and will leave mid-match (most games don’t punish players for leaving mid-match unranked)

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