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How To Solo Carry In League Of Legends 2023

How To Solo Carry In League Of Legends 2023

League of Legends is a team based game first and foremost. However, that doesn't mean you can't carry your entire five man team alone. We are, of course, talking about being a solo carry. With that being said, being a solo carry is definitely easier said than done, and various circumstances determine whether or not you'll be able to do it.

Fortunately, we have a bunch of tips that are sure to help you solo carry in League of Legends more often. These tips include knowing your champion, prioritizing gold and vision, going for objectives, and avoiding unnecessary risks. Naturally, we'll be expanding on all of these tips to ensure you're able to make the most of them.

Therefore, if you want to learn how you can solo carry in League of Legends then keep reading because that's what we're here to teach you.

Pick the Right Champions

A collection of five fantasy characters in a mystical setting

One of the foundational pillars of solo carrying in League of Legends lies in the mastery of your chosen champion. While the meta may ebb and flow with each patch, the consistent factor is your personal proficiency with a specific champion. 

Many players are tempted to jump onto the latest meta picks, hoping to gain an advantage through popular choices. However, the true key to solo carrying often lies in picking a champion you're not only comfortable with but one that you've invested time into mastering. Alternatively, it also might be a good idea to pick the meta best on your rank level.

Familiarity breeds confidence, and confidence translates into swift and informed decision-making during high-pressure moments in the game. When you're adept at a champion's abilities, cooldowns, and power spikes, you're better equipped to seize opportunities and react to enemy actions. This familiarity also extends to knowing the limits of your champion, which means when to engage, when to retreat, and when to unleash your abilities for maximum impact.

Moreover, by focusing on your champion mastery, you free yourself from the constraints of rapidly changing metas. Instead of constantly adjusting to the latest trends, you can dedicate time to refining your techniques, improving your mechanics, and honing your understanding of matchups. This knowledge will serve as the cornerstone for your solo carrying efforts.

Go For Gold

Fantasy game characters clashing on a stone pathway

Players need to remember that farming efficiently is the foundation upon which your strength as a solo carry is built. It's not just about last-hitting minions; it's about understanding the flow of minion waves, managing your positioning, and optimizing your timing to accumulate gold at an impressive pace.

In the early stages of the game, your primary goal should be to secure as many last-hits as possible while also avoiding excessive damage from your opponents. This delicate balance requires an acute sense of timing and the ability to read your lane opponent's movements.

As the game progresses and minion waves grow larger, efficient farming becomes even more crucial. Remember that every missed last-hit represents potential gold lost, and this can translate into missed opportunities to buy crucial items that bolster your power and impact. Controlling the lane equilibrium, knowing when and how to slow push or freeze the wave, and adapting to your opponent's tactics are all components of efficient farming.

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Vision is Power

Futuristic robot turret in sci-fi game setting

While it might seem like an underappreciated aspect, the strategic placement of wards can spell the difference between victory and defeat. This art is about more than just preventing surprise attacks; it's a means of gathering information, setting up ambushes, and creating opportunities for game-changing maneuvers.

Wards, those unassuming devices planted in various corners of the map, are the foundation of vision control. Placing wards at key junctions and high-traffic areas grants invaluable insight into enemy movement. When strategically placed, these wards unveil the enemy team's plans, revealing their rotations, intentions, and potential threats. As a solo carry, this information becomes your canvas upon which you can paint your masterstroke.

Moreover, vision control doesn't merely revolve around protecting your own territory. If you find yourself dominating your lane, don't hesitate to push your advantage by placing wards deep into the enemy territory. 

By lighting up their jungle, you extend your reach beyond the lane, providing your team with valuable knowledge of the enemy's movements. This information allows you to orchestrate surprise attacks, catch opponents off-guard, and create openings for your team to secure objectives.

Prioritize Objectives

A fantasy video game scene showing a character attacking a tower

While personal kills are important for gaining an advantage, towers and dragons wield a more significant impact over the course of a match. Understanding the importance of these objectives and knowing how to prioritize them can truly transform you into a solo carrying force.

Towers are the structural backbone of the map, and taking them down offers substantial benefits. Destroying an outer tower grants your team increased map control, opening up routes to enemy territory and allowing your team to place deeper wards. This vision dominance creates opportunities for your team to make informed decisions, engage in strategic rotations, and lay the groundwork for future plays.

Next, each dragon provides a unique buff, such as increased movement speed, attack damage, or even game-altering effects like soul bonuses. Successfully securing dragons not only augments your individual power but also contributes to your team's overall strength. A solo carry understands the value of these buffs and actively participates in dragon soul stealing contests.

Finally, The Baron buff empowers your team's pushing potential, making it easier to siege and destroy enemy structures, while The Rift Herald, when used effectively, can open up opportunities for tower destruction and map control. A solo carrying player recognizes the optimal timing to secure these objectives, as they can tip the scales of power dramatically.

Avoid Unnecessary Risks

A character fighting a jungle monster in a League of Legends game

The last point we want to go through just might be a sign of a good solo carry. One of the key elements of successfully solo carrying a game is playing patiently and avoiding unnecessary risks. While aggressive plays can sometimes lead to spectacular moments, they can also backfire and put you and your team at a disadvantage.

Patience in League of Legends involves a deep understanding of the game's flow. It means recognizing when to engage and when to hold back. Jumping into a fight without proper vision or when your team isn't ready can quickly turn a promising situation into a disaster. It's important to resist the temptation to "go in" just because you're itching for action. Instead, focus on capitalizing on mistakes that your opponents make, rather than forcing risky plays that might not pay off.

Part of playing patiently also involves managing your resources effectively. This includes your health, mana, and cooldowns. Engaging in a fight with low health or no mana can lead to an unfavorable outcome. Similarly, waiting for your abilities to come off cooldown can mean the difference between securing a kill and missing an opportunity. It might be a good idea to know the 5 things that tell you if you should roam.

What’s next?

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