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Dragon Soul: What is Dragon Soul in League of Legends?

The Dragon Soul in League of Legends is a powerful permanent buff that a team can obtain by slaying four Elemental Drakes of the same type. Each Elemental Drake represents a different element and grants unique bonuses to the team upon defeating it. When a team acquires the Dragon Soul, the buff becomes a game changer and can significantly impact the outcome of the match.

It's important to note that the Dragon Soul buff remains in effect for the rest of the game once a team secures it. However, acquiring the Dragon Soul is not the only benefit of slaying Elemental Drakes. Each slain Elemental Drake grants a temporary buff to the team even before obtaining the Dragon Soul. Therefore, contesting and securing these neutral monsters is a vital strategic objective in the game, as they can provide a significant advantage to the team that controls them.

What Buffs Can Players Get With the Dragon Soul?

Here are the four Elemental Drakes and the respective buffs they grant when their type of Elemental Dragon Soul is obtained

Infernal Dragon Soul

This buff empowers the team's offensive capabilities. It provides a significant increase in ability power and attack damage. With the Infernal Dragon Soul, the team's damage output is greatly enhanced, making them a formidable force in team fights and skirmishes.

Mountain Dragon Soul

The Mountain Dragon Soul enhances the team's durability and tankiness. It grants bonus resistances, such as armor and magic resist, making it harder for opponents to deal damage to the team members. This makes sieging and defending objectives much easier for the team with the Mountain Dragon Soul.

Ocean Dragon Soul 

The Ocean Dragon Soul provides excellent sustain for the team. It regenerates a portion of the team's missing health and mana after being out of combat for a few seconds. This regeneration effect is especially useful during extended engagements and sieges, as the team can quickly recover health and mana between fights.

Cloud Dragon Soul

The Cloud Dragon Soul enhances the team's mobility and engages potential. It grants bonus movement speed and cooldown reduction on ultimate abilities. With the Cloud Dragon Soul, the team gains more opportunities to initiate fights, reposition, and execute plays due to the increased mobility and more frequent use of ultimates.

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