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8 Best ADC Champions to Climb Low ELO


Climbing the ranks in League of Legends is no easy task. The first and most crucial decision players have to make is which champion they should go for. While other roles have it easier, ADC mains have to choose from some of the most appealing champions, which makes the decision that much more difficult.

Because the requirement for picking an ADC to climb low ELO is that champion should be easy to use yet effective, we’ve shortlisted eight ADC champions you should try. Those champions are Miss Fortune, Jinx, Kai’Sa, Ezrael, Tristana, Ashe, Caitlyn, and Xayah. All of these champions are relatively easy to use and can help you climb low ELO when use effectively.

Below you’ll find a list of the eight best ADC champions you should play as if you want to climb low ELO.

Miss Fortune

First up is Miss Fortune, one of the fan favorites when it comes to easy to use yet highly effective ADC champions. Miss Fortune is an exceptional ADC choice for climbing in low ELO due to her strong laning phase and high damage output. 

Her Q ability, Double Up, allows her to poke enemies in her bot lane by bouncing her bullet off a target, dealing significant damage to the enemy laner and potentially a nearby enemy. This ability not only allows Miss Fortune to assert dominance in lane but also provides opportunities for trades and securing kills.

One of Miss Fortune's most potent abilities is her ultimate, Bullet Time. When activated, she unleashes a barrage of bullets in a cone-shaped area, dealing massive damage to all enemies caught within it. 

Furthermore, Miss Fortune's passive ability, Love Tap, adds an extra layer of damage to her basic attacks. Whenever she attacks a new target, she deals bonus damage, making her auto attacks pack an additional punch. Pair all of this together and you have yourself a champion that can very easily dominate the lane, especially in low ELO.


Jinx from Arcane is a highly recommended ADC champion for climbing in low ELO due to her exceptional ability to carry games, especially in chaotic team fights. 

In low ELO games, team fights tend to be prolonged and messy. Jinx thrives in these situations thanks to her ultimate ability, Super Mega Death Rocket! This global skill shot can be fired from anywhere on the map and deals significant damage based on the enemy's missing health. It can quickly turn the tide of a team fight or even secure kills on enemies who are trying to escape with low health.

One more thing that sets Jinx apart from most other ADC champions is her ability to quickly take down structures. With her Q and the bonus attack speed it provides, she’s able to shred towers and other structures very quickly. 

With that being said, Jinx is a rather challenging champion to play as during the early game, as she’s sluggish and isn’t able to do much damage. Therefore, we recommend you put in some good practice in non ranked matches first otherwise your ELO climbing plan might backfire.


Kai'Sa is a versatile and adaptable ADC champion who can excel in a variety of game situations. Her unique gameplay mechanics and hybrid damage output make her a strong pick for climbing low ELO. One cool thing is that she’s also one of the best champions to use Guinsoo’s Rageblade on.

One major highlight of this champion is her passive which allows her to evolve her abilities based on the type of stats she builds, granting her incredible flexibility in her playstyle. This, coupled with her other abilities, allow her to be used in a number of ways by different players.

What makes Kai'Sa so strong in low ELO is her ability to adapt to the game's circumstances. Whether you prefer building her as an auto-attack-focused ADC or as an ability power carry, Kai'Sa can fulfill both roles effectively. This flexibility allows her to adapt to different team compositions and playstyles, making her a valuable asset in climbing the ranks.


Tristana, is a fantastic choice for climbing low ELO due to her exceptional late game scaling. One of Tristana's key strengths lies in her explosive charge ability, which allows her to deal massive damage to structures. This makes her a potent threat when it comes to securing objectives like towers and inhibitors, helping her team gain map control and push toward victory.

Furthermore, Tristana's jump ability, Rocket Jump, provides her with a reliable escape tool, making her less vulnerable to ganks in the early game. This ability allows her to reposition quickly, creating distance between herself and potential threats. It also serves as a great engage tool when used aggressively, allowing Tristana to jump onto enemies, secure kills, and snowball the game in her team's favor.

Another reason why Tristana is an excellent ADC pick for low ELO is her ability to turn team fights in her team's favor. As the game progresses, Tristana's range and damage output increase significantly, allowing her to melt through enemy champions. All in all, Tristana’s mobility, team fight presence, and early game harass make her one of the best ADC choices for climbing low ELO.


Ezreal is a highly versatile and popular ADC pick, known for his safety, mobility, and poke damage. One of his key abilities that you’ll most likely be using a lot is his Q, which fires a blast that not only deals damage but also applies on hit effects. Pair his Q with his Arcane Shift ability which allows him to reposition quickly and you have yourself a legendary combo.

Moreover, Ezreal's ultimate ability, Trueshot Barrage, is a global skill shot that traverses the entire map. With the right map awareness, it’s possible to use this ability to take enemies by surprise or to save your teammates from tough situations. Overall, Ezreal's safety, mobility, poke damage, and global ultimate make him a top choice for climbing in low ELO


Up next on the list is Ashe. One of Ashe's key strengths is her passive ability, Frost Shot. With each basic attack, Ashe slows down her opponents, making it easier for her and her team to catch enemies out of position or kite them in team fights. This makes her a potent champion for controlling the pace of engagements and setting up kills for her team.

Additionally, Ashe's ultimate ability, Enchanted Crystal Arrow, is a game changer. This long range skillshot can be used to initiate team fights, catch out priority targets, or provide valuable crowd control during crucial moments. Its impact and range make Ashe an excellent choice for players looking to make big plays and influence the outcome of games.

All of this, plus the fact that Ashe is fairly easy to learn and use, especially when you factor in the rest of her abilities which are pretty straightforward, and you have yourself one of the best ADC champions to climb low ELO.


Of course, how could we forget our favorite gunslinger who saw her popularity increase tenfold with Arcane, which some people are still questioning if it’s connected to League of Legends.

Caitlyn is a dominant force in the bot lane, known for her exceptional range and oppressive laning phase. Her long range basic attacks, combined with her Q, allow her to harass opponents from a safe distance. 

Another one of Caitlyn's key strengths is her zoning potential. With her W ability, she can lay down traps on the ground that immobilize and reveal enemies when triggered.  Pair this with her long range snipe ultimate ability that deals massive damage to a single target and you can damage, trap, and finish off an enemy all at once.


The last champion on this list is Xayah. Even when she isn’t paired with her canonical lover, she’s able to be a very strong ADC character in her own right, especially in low ELO. Her kit revolves around feathers and precision, making her an excellent choice for players who enjoy strategic positioning and calculated engages.

Xayah's kit is all about positioning, timing, and feather management. Players who can master the intricacies of her abilities will find themselves in control of the battlefield, capable of dealing significant damage and turning the tide of team fights. 

However, Xayah's playstyle requires a good understanding of positioning, as she relies heavily on her feathers to maximize her damage output. Therefore, it wouldn’t be too farfetched to call her the most difficult to master champion on this list.

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