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How to Get Better at Warding in League of Legends

How to Get Better at Warding in League of Legends

Warding in League of Legends is one of the most important things you need to master if you want to consistently start winning matches. However, many players neglect the importance of warding and only use it as an afterthought when they realize they have a ward in their inventory when they should instead be actively thinking of warding.

To get better at warding, you need to keep seven total things in mind. You have to know the importance of warding, the different types of wards there are in this game, which key locations people usually ward at, and the timing of wards. You also have to use your trinkets when you can, coordinate with your team if possible, and finally be aware of your surroundings at all times.

We’ll be going through several tips you can use to improve your warding in League of Legends.

Tip #1: Know the Importance of Warding

How to Get Better at Warding in League of Legends - Image 1

Naturally, unless you know the importance of something you won’t feel inclined to want to actively ward during a match. One major misconception players have is that warding is only the job of a support, when that couldn’t be further from the truth. On the contrary, the entire team is encouraged to ward as often as they can.

Why? Well, the fact of the matter is that vision is key in this game, and wards help your team increase your vision. See where we’re going with this? The more vision your team has, the more areas of the map will be uncovered for you all, which can help prevent ganks, secure objectives, and provide valuable information about the enemy team's movements.

Tip #2: Know the Different Types of Wards

There are two types of wards in League of Legends: stealth wards and vision wards. If you want to get better at warding, it’s crucial that you know the differences and importance of both these wards. 

Vision wards are visible to both teams and last until destroyed, while stealth wards are invisible to the enemy team and last for three minutes after which they’re destroyed. Although vision wards are more expensive than stealth wards, they can be used to detect and destroy enemy stealth wards, making them more useful in most circumstances.

Tip #3: Know Key Warding Locations

How to Get Better at Warding in League of Legends - Image 2

Knowing which key warding locations people usually place their wards at can help you understand the reasoning behind ward placements. The most important places to ward are the river, entrances to the jungle, and objectives like Dragon and Baron. 

Warding the river can provide early warning of incoming ganks from either the jungler or other lane champions, while warding the entrances to the jungle can help track enemy movements and prevent invades. Finally, warding objectives is critical to securing them, as it ensures the enemy team isn’t able to sneakily secure an objective.

Tip #4: Understand the Timing of Wards

In addition to knowing the different types of wards, it’s also important to know the timing of wards. By this, we mean that knowing when and where to place wards is crucial to effective warding.

For example, in the early game, it might be a good idea to ward defensively to protect yourself against early game ganks, while later on you might want to start warding objectives to ensure the enemy team isn’t able to get their hands on them.

Tip #5: Use your trinket

How to Get Better at Warding in League of Legends - Image 3

Every player in League of Legends gets access to a trinket at the start of the game, which often goes unused the entire match despite it being used to place a ward. We highly recommend you use your trinkets every time it’s available to get access to more wards. More wards mean more vision, which is always a win for your team.

Tip #6: Coordinate with your team

Coordinating with your team is essential when warding to ensure the entire team has as much useful vision as possible. This applies to the ADC and bot the most, as those two roles have to work closely together.

Work with your support to ward key locations and encourage your team to purchase and use wards, and if a teammate has a ward available, don’t be afraid to remind them of it if you feel like they forgot to use it. Just try to be as respectable as possible to ensure they don’t get the wrong idea.

Tip #7: Be Aware of Your Surroundings at All Times

This tip is one that applies to pretty much everything when it comes to a League of Legends match. Regarding warding specifically, however, you should be aware of your surroundings so you could pinpoint key locations you might benefit from when warding.

Additionally, many players blindly run into the river when warding, even though an unwarded river is one of the most dangerous spots to be in. When moving around the map, try to place wards in key locations to gain vision and avoid surprises, but be careful in the process.

What’s next?

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