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Renata Glasc Season 12 Guide: Best runes, builds, skins, and more

Renata Glasc Season 12 Guide: Best runes, builds, skins, and more

Renata Glasc is LoL's newest support champion and has been an absolute force on Summoner's Rift since her arrival. Here is a guide on how to master the Chem-Baroness in Season 12.

Over the last few years, there have not been many new support champions introduced to League of Legends. With just a handful of new characters to choose from in the last couple of seasons, when Riot Games teased the release of Renata Glasc, there was some well-deserved hype

Since joining League on patch 12.4, she has been one of the most formidable bot-laners in the entire MOBA. Whether you are brand new to her, or already have mastery level 7, here is a guide to mastering master of Chemtech technology.

Renata Glasc abilities

Renata is an enchanter that buffs her allies and has an incredible amount of utility and abilities with crowd control effects.

The Chem-Baroness is able to provide peel for her AD Carry in laning phase as well as dominate team fights with her ultimate Hostile Takeover (R).

The first ability to max is Loyalty Program (E) which has Renata shoot out two chemtech missiles which shield both herself and her allies, while also damaging and slowing enemy champions. This spell can be used to harass opponents during laning phase, and also provide big shields for your teammates later in games.

The next ability to max out is Bailout (W). On top of granting an ally attack speed and movement speed, it also delays their death and allows them to cheat death by getting champion takedown while the buff is active. Look to keep your AD Carry or frontline alive by placing Bailout on them at just the right time.

Renata's Handshake (Q) ability is comparable to Blitzcrank's hook, but instead of bringing them towards you, keeps them rooted in place. If you reactivate the ability, you can knock the rooted opponent into an enemy champion or terrain, keeping them further crowd-controlled.

Renata's ultimate Hostile Takeover (R) can turn the tides of any team fight and Renata sends out a pink wave of chemicals in a wide area that forces all enemies to go Berserk. Here is how Berserk enemies will behave: Berserk enemies prioritize attacking their own allies, then neutral units, then Renata Glasc's teammates, then Renata herself. Hostile Takeover has a delayed activation, so make sure to get the spell cast off towards as many enemies as possible before being interrupted.

Renata Glasc best runes Season 12

Renata's best runes in Season 12 are ones that help provide more peel for teammates, and to do that, Guardian is the best way to go. Guardian allows Renata to block some incoming damage for her and nearby teammates, as well as gives her access to the Resolve tree to take Font of Life, Conditioning, and Overgrowth to be as tanky as possible.

After that, look to take Zombie Ward and Relentless Hunter from the Domination tree.

best runes

Renata Glasc best build Season 12

The enchanter is best built with items that grant her defensive stats, ability haste, and more access to utility.

Her two best Mythic items are Locket of the Iron Solari and Shurelya's Battlesong. Locket is always a great option and helps provide even more defenses for your team, but Shurelya's give Renata extra ability power as well as an active that boosts your team's entire movement speed briefly.

After your Mythic item, look to pick up Redemption and Mikael's Blessing to help heal teammates and boost the power of the shield from Loyalty Program.

Boots-wise, look to pick up Ionian Boots of Lucidity to grant tons of ability haste and increased cooldown reduction on summoner spells.

best items

Renata Glasc skins

Renata is still one of the newest champions in all of LoL, so she only has one skin available as of right now


That's everything you need to know in order to master Renata Glasc in Season 12.

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