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The Best Items to Build in League of Legends Nexus Blitz

The Best Items to Build in League of Legends Nexus Blitz

Riot Games has brought back the fan favorite limited time event Nexus Blitz. However, while the game mode itself is nearly identical to how it was when it last came out over three years ago, the game has seen many changes over the years thanks to constant updates. Therefore, the meta of the best items to build is also significantly different now than it was before.

To ensure you all build only the best items in League of Legends’ Nexus Blitz event, we’re here to list down the ten best items. The ten best items to build in Nexus Blitz are The Golden Spatula, The Collector, Guardian Angel, Rabadon's Deathcap, Duskblade of Draktharr, Sunfire Aegis, Trinity Force, Goredrinker, Luden's Tempest, and Kraken Slayer.

We’ll be going through all ten of these aforementioned items and expanding on what makes them so good for this game mode.

1. The Golden Spatula (Utility)

The Best Items to Build in League of Legends Nexus Blitz - Image 1

The Golden Spatula is not just a meme; it's the top-tier item in Nexus Blitz, coveted by all champions. It may seem expensive at 7487 gold, but it grants a plethora of bonuses, including mana, health, damage, ability power, critical strike, and magic resist. 

Most notably, it provides the On Fire effect permanently, making it incredibly potent in the fast-paced Nexus Blitz. You should always prioritize building The Golden Spatula when playing Nexus Blitz, regardless of your champion.

2. The Collector (AD)

The Best Items to Build in League of Legends Nexus Blitz - Image 2

The Collector is a source of pure fun in Nexus Blitz, especially in this game mode. Originally designed to assist marksmen in securing kills, it reaches new heights of effectiveness here. The item's passive executes any champion below 5% HP that you've damaged, making it a game-changer. 

In Nexus Blitz, it's not just about raw stats; it's about the effects your gold can buy. Regardless of your champion, The Collector is a must-try item, offering a unique and enjoyable experience.

3. Guardian Angel (AD)

The Best Items to Build in League of Legends Nexus Blitz - Image 3

Guardian Angel, while situational in traditional games, becomes a game-changer in Nexus Blitz. When enemy carriers purchase Guardian Angel early, it disrupts the conventional rules of League of Legends, often favoring those who wield this item. 

Beyond its life-saving utility, which cuts down respawn time, Guardian Angel provides valuable armor and attack damage. It's cost-effective and quick to obtain, making it an excellent addition to the builds of ADC champions like Draven and Twitch.

4. Rabadon’s Deathcap (AP)

The Best Items to Build in League of Legends Nexus Blitz - Image 4

Rabadon’s Deathcap is the pinnacle of AP damage amplification, allowing mage champions to obliterate their opponents. In Nexus Blitz, you can acquire this game-changing item earlier than in Summoner's Rift, turning mage champions like Ziggs, Syndra, Orianna, Diana, and others into formidable forces capable of one-shotting enemies.

5. Duskblade of Draktharr (AD)

The Best Items to Build in League of Legends Nexus Blitz - Image 5

Duskblade of Draktharr thrives on the chaos that ensues in Nexus Blitz's frequent skirmishes. This mythic item's effectiveness is heightened due to the game mode's random fights. 

Duskblade grants true invisibility when you score a kill or assist. For champions with inherent invisibility, such as Kha’Zix or Pyke, it offers repeated opportunities to take down opponents from stealth. The invisibility effect resets with each champion takedown, making it a must-have in this fast-paced environment.

6. Sunfire Aegis (Tank)

The Best Items to Build in League of Legends Nexus Blitz - Image 6

Sunfire Aegis is the tank's dream item in Nexus Blitz. While its stats may not seem overwhelmingly powerful at first glance, its passives are the real game-changers. Champions who can lock down enemies for several seconds, like Amumu, Maokai, and Ornn, can take full advantage of Sunfire Aegis. The item's passive burns enemies and generates stacks, ultimately granting your auto-attacks a burning effect at six stacks.

7. Trinity Force (AD)

The Best Items to Build in League of Legends Nexus Blitz - Image 7

Trinity Force is a versatile and widely-used mythic item in Nexus Blitz. Its adaptability allows virtually any champion to derive some benefit from it, but those who can use both auto-attacks and spells to deal damage, such as Corki and Gangplank, make the most of it. 

With attributes ranging from attack speed and health to ability haste and attack damage, many ADC champions can dominate Nexus Blitz by choosing Trinity Force as their first item.

8. Goredrinker (AD)

The Best Items to Build in League of Legends Nexus Blitz - Image 8

Goredrinker is a fantastic choice for bruisers in Nexus Blitz, offering health, damage, ability haste, and health regeneration—ideal for close-quarters combat. It's particularly recommended for jungle champions, especially those with an AD focus, like Warwick or Aatrox. 

You can start your jungle journey with Ironspike Whip, which shares a similar active effect with Goredrinker, albeit slightly less powerful. Its low cost of 1200 gold provides a significant boost to clearing jungle camps and facing off against enemy champions.

9. Luden’s Tempest (AP)

The Best Items to Build in League of Legends Nexus Blitz - Image 9

Luden’s Tempest, the mage's counterpart to Kraken Slayer, is the go-to mythic item for AP champions in Nexus Blitz. It offers a substantial damage boost, making it ideal for securing kills and achieving wave clear efficiency. With an added touch of magic penetration, Luden’s Tempest allows mana-hungry mages like LeBlanc, Xerath, and Zoe to become game-changers right from the start.

10. Kraken Slayer (AD)

The Best Items to Build in League of Legends Nexus Blitz - Image 10

Kraken Slayer is the top choice for many ADC champions in Nexus Blitz, serving as the go-to mythic item. It provides a significant power boost through essential stats for marksmen: attack damage, attack speed, and critical strike. 

Moreover, Kraken Slayer comes with a built-in true damage effect that activates on every third auto-attack, making it invaluable in Nexus Blitz's frequent fights and arena battles. While champions like Caitlyn, Vayne, and Twitch are natural users of Kraken Slayer, virtually any ADC champion can benefit from this exceptional item.

Best Nexus Blitz Exclusive Items to Build

Now that we have gone through the ten best items to build in general, how about going through three items that, while aren’t that good, should still be built. Why? Well, because apart from this game mode you might not be able to build them ever again since they’re exclusive to Nexus Blitz.

1. Deathfire Grasp

The Best Items to Build in League of Legends Nexus Blitz - Image 11

Deathfire Grasp was once the stuff of nightmares for squishy champions in League of Legends. This item was a game-changer for magic damage assassins, allowing them to erase their opponents from the map with ease. However, its immense power came at a cost. The item was originally intended to help AP assassins and burst mages deal with tanky foes, but it ended up being primarily used to obliterate squishy champions, leaving them with no chance of survival.

This item was so overpowered that it even forced some champions like Ahri into a playstyle that wasn't initially intended for them. Fearing the impact of Deathfire Grasp on game balance, Riot Games decided to remove it from the game in Season Five. The removal of Deathfire Grasp aimed to create a more balanced environment for burst mages and AP assassins.

In place of Deathfire Grasp, Riot introduced Luden's Echo, which became the new go-to item for burst AP champions. Luden's Echo brought a different style to the table, but it ensured that the burst damage mages still had a powerful tool in their arsenal.

2. Force of Nature

The Best Items to Build in League of Legends Nexus Blitz - Image 12

Force of Nature, a beloved item in the League of Legends community, was a source of magic resist and movement speed for tanky champions. It was particularly favored by champions who needed both survivability and mobility in their builds. The item provided a significant magic resist bonus, allowing tanks to withstand the onslaught of magic damage from their opponents.

Unfortunately, Force of Nature was removed from the game in a past season, leaving a void in the item pool. While the removal saddened many fans of this iconic item, it also opened up opportunities for Riot Games to introduce new and exciting items that catered to the evolving needs of tanks and bruisers.

3. Spear of Shojin

The Best Items to Build in League of Legends Nexus Blitz - Image 13

Spear of Shojin was an item that provided both attack damage and cooldown reduction, making it a must-have for AD champions who relied on their abilities. It allowed champions to become formidable duelists, unleashing a flurry of abilities in rapid succession during combat. The item was a favorite of champions like Renekton and Jax, enhancing their burst damage and survivability in fights.

However, as of my last knowledge update in January 2022, Spear of Shojin was removed from the game due to concerns about its power and the impact it had on certain champions. Riot Games decided that its removal was necessary to maintain game balance.

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