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League of Legends: How to Change Region

League of Legends: How to Change Region

League of Legends offers players the ability to change their account region, allowing them to play on servers in different geographic locations. This feature is especially useful for players who want to join friends or experience different gaming environments. While there is an official method provided by Riot Games to change your region, it's important to note that it comes with some limitations.

Today, we're here to go through everything you need to know when changing the region of your League of Legends account. In addition to how you can change the region, we'll also be going through the things that get transferred and what you'll end up losing as well as other important things you should know.

So strap in because we're about to jump right into everything you should know about changing your LoL region. If you want a buddy to play with in your new region, then how about hiring a professional-level League of Legends booster? You can even use the code "BoostToday" for a superb 20% discount.

Official Method: One-Time Region Change

Overview of global region transfer options for a video game

Riot Games allows players to change their region once using the in-game store for a cost of 2,600 Riot Points, equivalent to approximately $23 USD. Follow these steps to make the change:

  1. Open your League of Legends client.
  2. Click on the Store icon next to your RP and Blue Essence amounts.
  3. Click on the Account icon in the top right portion of the Store.
  4. Select the region you want to transfer your account to.
  5. Confirm the transaction, taking note of warnings from Riot about potential issues.
  6. Log out and log back in to ensure the changes take effect.

Second Method: Using a VPN for Region Change

If you wish to play on a region not covered by the official method, you may consider using a VPN.

  1. Choose a VPN service that suits your needs and purchase a subscription.
  2. Install the VPN on your PC.
  3. Select a location within the League of Legends region you want to play in.
  4. Create a profile and connect to the VPN.

Keep in mind that certain regions, such as China and South Korea, may have additional requirements, such as real-life identification, making it challenging to access their servers without proper documentation.

Everything That Gets Transferred When You Change Your Account's Region

League of Legends game interface showing a collection of champion icons acquired in 2022

Below is a list of everything you retain when you change your League of Legends account's region:

On the other end of the spectrum, here is a list of things that won't be transferred over when you change region in League:

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Identifying Your Riot Region

Knowing your current Riot region is crucial, especially if you made your account a while back and forgot the region you selected.

  1. Log in to the League of Legends Client.
  2. Hover over your profile picture without clicking.
  3. A window will appear, displaying your League of Legends region above your username.

Creating a Riot Account in a Different Region

League of Legends region selection screen with EU West option selected

If you want to make an account in a different region instead of changing the region of your current account, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the "PLAY FOR FREE" button in the middle of the screen.
  2. In the top-right corner, click on the "Region" dropdown list.
  3. Select the desired region, and the page will redirect you to that region's specific website, where you can create an account.

What’s next?

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