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The Best Mid Laners to Play As in League of Legends Season 14

The Best Mid Laners to Play As in League of Legends Season 14

The mid-lane stands as the crucible of League of Legends prowess within the expansive tapestry of virtual battlegrounds, where champions clash and destinies unfold. As the sun sets beyond the pixelated horizon, a new narrative unfolds beyond the familiar tales of Summoner's Rift, delving into the radiant lanes in pursuit of the elusive perfection that defines the premier mid-laners, each a distinctive protagonist.

Season 14's advent brings forth unique updates to the game, altering the fate of certain champions. Some ascend to greatness, while others falter. Amidst this dynamic landscape, the pressing question persists, who truly reigns supreme? Let us now delve into the heart of this matter.

Here are the 5 best Mid Laners to play in League of Legends Season 14. If you feel like you don't know how to play any one of the champions mentioned on this list, then all you need to do is use the code "BoostToday" to hire a professional-level coach from Eloking with a 20% discount. Greatness is in your hands.

5. Talon

The Best Mid Laners to Play As in League of Legends Season 14 - Image 1

Talon, the swift and deadly shadow assassin, imparts a unique flavor to the mid-lane. His unparalleled roaming potential, facilitated by the "Assassin's Path" (E) ability, enables him to vault over obstacles, catching opponents off-guard in different lanes. 

The hallmark of Talon's burst-centric playstyle lies in his ultimate, "Shadow Assault," coupled with skills like "Noxian Diplomacy" (Q), designed for swift eliminations. Beyond his individual skill, Talon's mastery extends to map control and snowballing, as a proficient roamer exerts influence across the battlefield. 

With exceptional burst damage, roaming prowess, and game tempo control, Talon stands as the quintessential mid-lane assassin.

4. Ahri

The Best Mid Laners to Play As in League of Legends Season 14 - Image 2

Ahri, a formidable mid-lane champion renowned for her burst damage and strategic finesse, navigates the battlefield with adaptability. Leveraging her Q ability, "Orb of Deception," for poking and wave clearance, and her E ability, "Charm," for crowd management, Ahri's true distinction lies in her mobility. The "Spirit Rush" ultimate, providing three dashes, elevates her survivability in team clashes and transforms her into a potent roamer, capable of menacing other lanes. 

Ahri's versatile toolkit, combining burst damage, crowd control, and sustain through "Essence Theft," positions her as a flexible mid-lane option, adept at eliminating key targets and shaping the course of the game.

3. Neeko

The Best Mid Laners to Play As in League of Legends Season 14 - Image 3

Claiming the third spot, Neeko establishes herself as a stellar mid-lane champion, armed with a versatile skill set tailored for success on Summoner's Rift. Her unique passive, "Inherent Glamour," introduces an element of surprise by allowing her to deceive opponents and change forms. Neeko's AoE burst damage, especially with "Blooming Burst" (Q) and the impactful ultimate, "Pop Blossom," positions her as a formidable force in team skirmishes. The utility of "Tangle-Barbs" (E) for crowd control enhances her ability to apprehend foes, while "Shapesplitter" (W) amplifies her adaptability and map presence. With deceptive tools and an array of AP items, Neeko proves to be a strategic pick, capable of dictating tempo, surprising opponents, and exerting a substantial impact on team battles.

2. Fizz

The Best Mid Laners to Play As in League of Legends Season 14 - Image 4

Taking the penultimate spot is the elusive trickster, Fizz. Known for his exceptional burst damage and slippery playstyle, Fizz emerges as a formidable mid-lane player. His proficiency in quickly dispatching opponents, especially with the Q-Urchin Strike and W-Seastone Trident combos, distinguishes him. The E-Playful/Trickster ability adds to his elusiveness, rendering him untargetable and allowing him to evade critical moves or crowd control. 

Fizz's roaming potential, coupled with defensive mobility from his Q, further enhances his versatility. In team battles, the "Chum the Waters" ultimate serves as an effective engagement tool, creating opportunities for additional damage and crowd control. Fizz's opportunistic burst damage and persistent threat through effective roams solidify his status as a highly effective mid-lane assassin.

1. Akali

The Best Mid Laners to Play As in League of Legends Season 14 - Image 5

Finally, claiming the coveted top position is Akali, the epitome of a supreme mid-lane assassin. Armed with extraordinary mobility and stealth, Akali navigates the mid lane with finesse. The Shuriken Flip (E) and Perfect Execution (R) allow her to swiftly enter and exit battles, making it challenging for opponents to pin her down or land critical skill shots. 

Akali excels in trades, especially against champions reliant on skill shot poke, thanks to her mobility and sustain from Q - Five Point Strike. Her assassination potential is showcased through the devastating burst damage of her R-Perfect Execution. The Twilight Shroud (W) enhances her outplay potential, rendering her invisible to adversaries and enabling clever maneuvers. 

Akali's mastery over mobility, stealth, and burst damage cements her as the quintessential mid-lane champion, capable of influencing the outcome of battles and leaving an indelible mark on the game.


Why are mid-lane assassins preferred in League of Legends?

Mid-lane assassins are favored for their ability to quickly eliminate high-priority targets, exert map control through roaming, and influence the game's tempo. Their burst damage and mobility make them formidable forces in team battles and pivotal contributors to securing victory.

How does the mid-lane meta evolve with each season in League of Legends?

The mid-lane meta evolves with each season due to game updates and champion adjustments. Certain champions may rise or fall in prominence, impacting the strategic landscape. Players adapt to new abilities, playstyles, and item synergies, shaping the dynamic nature of mid-lane champion preferences.

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