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How to surrender In Dota 2 (2023)


Dota 2 is a MOBA that has been around for quite some time now and, as such, has garnered a pretty big following. With that being said, so many players don’t know about the simple yet useful fact that it’s possible to surrender in matches too. Because of this, players frequently end up playing full length matches despite not having any chances of success.

To surrender in Dota 2, players simply have to type GG or GGWP in the chat box, ensuring that the chat is set to all chat. Naturally, if it’s a public lobby then all five players of the team have to agree to surrender by typing GG or GGWP in the chat box. If all five players don’t agree to surrender then the match will continue to play out as usual.

Today, we’ll be going through everything you need to know about surrendering in Dota 2, including how to do it and the consequences of it.

How Do You Surrender in Dota 2?

Surrendering in Dota 2 is a little different depending on what type of lobby you’re playing the game in. If you’re playing in a private lobby then all you have to do is type GG or GGWP in the chat box and the game will end right there.

However, if you’re in a public lobby with a full party, then it’s crucial that every member of your team types GG or GGWP in the chat box. If even one member doesn’t type it then the game will not end and will continue as regular. One thing to keep in mind is that it’s crucial that the message is sent to all chat and not team chat otherwise the surrender won’t be initiated.

One alternate method of starting a surrender is by selecting GG or GGWP from the chat wheel instead of typing it out. Just like the first method, you have to ensure that the message is sent to all chat otherwise it won’t work.

Finally, regardless of what method you’re using to surrender in Dota 2, it’s crucial that the 30 match passes the 30 minute mark. If a team tries to surrender before the match hits the thirty minute mark then the surrender timer will not start.

Can Solo Queue Players Surrender in Dota 2?

Did you notice how we said that you have to be in a full party if you want to surrender? Well, this is because Dota 2’s surrender mechanic is a little different from other games. Only players in a full party can surrender. 

This means that those who are in a smaller party or playing alone cannot initiate a surrender vote and will be forced to play the game till its completion. This is one of the many differences between League of Legends and Dota 2.

How to Cancel Surrender in Dota 2

If you accidentally type GG or GGWP in all chat or change your mind about surrendering, don’t worry because you’ll have a chance to take the surrender back, though you’ll have to act quickly. 

As soon as the surrender is initiated, a countdown timer is initiated on the screen. Players of the team have a total of 10 seconds to cancel the surrender using the on screen prompt, otherwise, the match will be surrendered.

What Are the Consequences of Surrendering in Dota 2

Well, if you’ve played other online multiplayer games then chances are you can already guess what the consequences of surrendering in a Dota 2 match might be. That’s right, a surrender is immediately counted as a loss for the surrendering team, no questions asked.

What this means is that if the team that surrenders do so in a ranked match, then, by surrendering, they will also lose some Elo. The amount of Elo they lose will be the same as how much they would have lost if they would have lost after playing the match to its completion.

This does make sense, as the only reason a team would surrender is if they were losing in the first place. However, by giving up and not seeing the match out to its completion, players will likely save a bunch of time instead of having to sit through an otherwise lost match.

When Should You Surrender in Dota 2?

Now, the common consciousness is that players should only surrender a match if that match seems to be unwinnable no matter what they do. With that being said, there are a couple of standout reasons that might lead to players wanting to surrender. Some of those reasons are:

With all this being said, there have been multiple instances where, despite players thinking a match was unwinnable, their team was able to persevere and come out as the victors. Therefore, we highly recommend you and your ENTIRE team are first 100% certain there's no way of winning the match before surrendering.

Has the Option to Surrender Always Been in Dota 2?

If you're someone who used to play Dota 2 years back and have just gotten back into it then you might find the surrender option a foreign concept. 

This is because this option was added just some months back in an update after so many players complained about having to play full length matches despite the match being a lost cause.

This update was an attempt to give regular players a taste of what professional players experience. This is further proven by how the surrender UI, or countdown prompt, is the same as the one professional players see in professional matches.

What’s next?

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How to surrender In Dota 2 (2023)
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Dota 2 is a MOBA that has been around for quite some time now and, as such, has garne…

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