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League of Legends Best Mage Items Season 14

League of Legends Best Mage Items Season 14

Season 14 is turning out to have the most impact of all the recent updates Summoner's Rift has seen. The meta and most build paths have altered, and players plan on experimenting with new builds and taking advantage of the initial weeks as chaos ensues. Developers have also removed mythical items, ensuring players can access more powerful items without restrictions or limitations. 

Today, we're here to go through all of the best Mage items players can utilize in Season 14 of League of Legends. Since the newest update has brought some major changes, it's only natural that most players are left wondering which items they should go for to ensure their builds are as strong as possible, and that's where we come in.

Gamers will take advantage of each new item, boost, neutral objective, and map change to make sure they are on top when the dust settles. If you want some good teammates backing you when you're on the battlefield, we recommend you hire a professional-level teammate from Eloking to play with you. You can even use the code "BoostToday" for a 20% discount.

The Best Mage Items to Use in LoL Season 14

Screenshot of the item shop interface in League of Legends showing various magical items for purchase

Champions win the game, but these champions are nothing without their items. The right item at the right time can determine your fate by altering a loss into a win or solidifying a win-win situation, depending on the player.

Mages are making the best use of new updates. A mage combined with the right item can be an essential asset to your team. Here is a list of items that will ensure that your mage is the most effective champion on the battlefield:

Luden's Companion:

A burst item with crazy stats, Luden's Companion should be combined with champions like Syndra and Orianna. This AP item is more effective with champions who are more dependent on their basic abilities. It enables the mage to focus on a single target, and a complete cool down is not needed as you get a shot charge every three seconds.

This item also consumes all the nearby shot charges when dealing an ability damage. Each consumed shot charge comes with a bonus magic damage to all the nearby enemies or primary targets.


A legendary item, Malignance can reduce cool-down times by using Scorn. The item also comes with the Hatefog ability, which creates a scorched zone beneath an opponent if the ultimate ability is used against them. The effects last for 3 seconds, dealing magic damage every 0.25 seconds, all the while reducing magic resistance. 

Malignance is similar to Luden's Companion in effectiveness but is built for champions more dependent on their ultimate abilities. 

Rod of Ages:

Pirates enjoying a magical card game at a candlelit table

Most effective with battlemage champions like Anivia, this item has remained almost unchanged with only a few changes. If you are going to use battlemages with a focus on attacking enemies then Rod of Ages is a must. It can heal as the battle progresses and with every passing minute, this item gets bonus health and mana that can stack up to a maximum of two hundred.

Archangel's Staff:

Archangel's Staff is meant for champions who are more focused on mana and want to have an impact from a distance instead of direct engagement. Champions that want to stay strong and defensive are the best choice for Archangel's Staff as they get bonus mana can deal damage from a distance and are ready for a direct attack if it ever happens. 


Storm surge is meant for attack, that's all we need to say. The item grants decent attack power, bonus speed, and a squall, an inevitable lightning attack. The main advantage of Stormsurge is its speed. The item increases the speed, by twenty-five percent, for two seconds every time you use squall and Stormraider deals thirty-five percent damage each time it hits.

Haunting Guise:

An epic item, Haunting Guise comes with 35 AP power and 200 health. The item is more effective with champions who prefer time over damage. With every passing second your attack damage will increase by two percent and can maximize up to six percent. Madness combined with 200 health creates an effective combination for a longer battle.


Shadowflame is meant to be an offensive item on par with burst champions. It can be super effective against enemies with lower health and deals a thirty-five percent damage with Cinderbloom. It also has magic penetration so it can rival opponents with good magic resistance. The item is meant for attack-oriented champions as there is no defensive stat.

Cosmic Drive:

This item is underrated compared to all the above-mentioned items and might not get the credit it deserves. Using Cosmic Drive with melee-oriented champions can be super effective. This item grants huge gains in ability haste, power, and health and is more movement-focused as it grants bonus speed for two seconds with each use of ability damage.

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Why are these mage items so important?

Items are essential to win big games and rank up. The gameplay might have changed a little bit the core remains the same. These items will be the first choice for many because of their stats and compatibility with the changes and players planning and using the right items will always come out on the top.

How can I learn how to use mage champions?

It's completely understandable if you feel as though your knowledge of mage champions isn't as good as it should be. Our professional-level League of Legends coaches are always ready to give you a helping hand, and to make things more accessible we also have the code "BoostToday" that you can use to get a 20% discount.

What’s next?

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