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How to Switch Hands in CSGO


CSGO is one of the most competitive FPS games out there, and as such, every little factor that affects your aim and precision is a crucial one. One such factor that many people don’t give much importance to is hand-switching. After all, you have the option to switch your weapon view model to either the right or left hand. 

To switch hands in CSGO, Valve had made it so you have to open the console and enter the specific command that changes depending on what hand you want your character to hold their guns with. To ensure that your preference is saved for future games, you also have to add the command you chose to your CSGO autoexec.cfg file.

If you’ve been looking for a way to change hands in CSGO then you’re at the perfect place because that’s exactly what we’re about to go through today.

Why Do Players Switch Hands in CSGO?

Hand switching in CSGO plays a vital role in shaping a player's overall experience and performance. Firstly, aiming and shooting are core aspects of success in CS:GO, and the position of the weapon on the screen can have a direct impact on accuracy. Some players find it easier to align their shots when the weapon is on their dominant side, while others prefer the opposite.

Secondly, corner peeking is a crucial tactical move in CS:GO, and the choice of the weapon hand can significantly influence its effectiveness. Choosing the right hand can help players maintain a low profile, reducing the chances of being spotted prematurely. 

The advantage of surprise can be a game changer in intense situations, giving players a split-second advantage to take down opponents before they have a chance to react.

Finally, choosing the right hand can also contribute to a player's overall comfort and immersion in the game. When the weapon is aligned with the dominant hand, some players report feeling more connected to their in game avatar, leading to a heightened sense of control and responsiveness. Hey, maybe someone just wants to see the skin they invested in better.

How to Switch Hands in CSGO

Now that you know just why some players prefer to switch hands in CSGO, how about going through the steps you have to take to actually do it?

  1. Firstly, to enable the in game console, go to the "Game Settings" menu and ensure that the developer console is enabled. 
  2. With the console enabled, you can then access it by pressing the tilde key (`) located in the top left corner of most keyboards.
  3. Once the console is open, type the following command to switch your weapon to the right hand: ‘cl_righthand 1’. Alternatively, if you want to switch it to your left hand, you can type ‘cl_righthand 0.’
  4. To ensure that your preference is saved for future games, add the command you chose to your CS:GO autoexec.cfg file. If the file doesn't exist, create it in the "\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\cfg" directory.

By following these steps, not only will you be able to successfully switch hands in CSGO, but the settings will also be saved. Because of this, you won’t have to enter the command every single time you launch the game.

What Side Should You Play in CSGO?

Experimenting and finding your preference in hand switching is a crucial step towards enhancing your CS:GO gameplay. The choice between right and left hand is highly personal and subjective, as it depends on your individual play style and what feels most comfortable to you. By dedicating time to practice and analyzing the impact of each setup, you can make a well informed decision that will ultimately benefit your performance on the virtual battlefield.

When you begin experimenting, it's essential to practice with both hands extensively. Allocate several gaming sessions to each set up so you can genuinely get a feel for how it affects your gameplay. It's not enough to switch once and immediately form an opinion; rather, immerse yourself in the experience of using each hand in various situations to observe the nuances and differences they bring.

Throughout these sessions, pay close attention to how each hand setup affects your aiming accuracy. Some players find that they are more accurate when their weapon is positioned on the dominant side of their screen, while others perform better with the weapon on their non-dominant side. Make note of your shooting consistency and how comfortable you feel when aligning your shots with different hand configurations.

If you want a second hand when determining whether you should play CSGO on the right or left side, then we recommend you use the assistance of one of our professional level CSGO players. After all, who better to help you with matters concerning CS:GO than someone who’s already a master at it, right?

What’s next?

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