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Best CS:GO Skins to Invest In 2023

Best CS:GO Skins to Invest In 2023

With thousands of CS:GO skins being available for players to either purchase or win, it's completely understandable that many players would want to instantly go for the ones that might be profitable in the future. After all many skins have either fallen out of popularity or were never popular in the first place, despite looking good at first glance.

Since there are so many different types of skins in the game, we'll be going through different categories and telling you which are the best to go for if you're looking for an investment. The categories will range from cheap skins to expensive skins and they'll all be skins you'll likely get a profit from in the future.

If you've been looking for some good CS:GO and CS2 skins to invest in then look no further because we'll be going through them right now.

Best Cheap Skins to Invest In

Starting off, we want to highlight some skins that are under the $20 dollar mark that you can get to potentially get a good return on your investment. Most of these skins can simply be bought off of the Steam Marketplace and aren't all that rare. However, they have the potential to go up in price, if even a little, which will result in you getting a decent profit.

AWP: Neo Noir ($10-$60)

Best CS:GO Skins to Invest In 2023 - Image 1

Despite being under the three digit price point, we honestly believe the Neo Noir skin for the AWP is easily one of the best looking skins in the game. While it doesn't stand out as some of the more expensive skins in the game, it still looks cool, especially in replays.

AK-47: Nightwish ($10-$50)

Best CS:GO Skins to Invest In 2023 - Image 2

Do you want your AK-47 to have the drawing of a dead deer? Well, even if you don't, the AK-47's Nightwish skin is still a very good skin to purchase, especially at the relatively low price it can be found in.

M4A4: Desolate Space ($4-$70)

Best CS:GO Skins to Invest In 2023 - Image 3

The M4A4's Desolate Space skin is definitely one of the most eerie skins in the game. With it having the design of an astronaut lost in space, we're certain that any enemy player you take out with this skin equipped will be able to relate to the astronaut on a personal level.

M4A1-S: Cyrex ($15-$120)

Best CS:GO Skins to Invest In 2023 - Image 4

If you're a fan of the red, black, and white color combination, then the M4A1-S's Cyrex is definitely for you. While it doesn't stand out nearly as much as some of the other skins on this list, it's still neat, clean, and memorable.

Desert Eagle: Kumicho Dragon ($10-$60)

Best CS:GO Skins to Invest In 2023 - Image 5

Ah yes, the Desert Eagle's Kumicho Dragon. From this category, we personally believe that this is the best skin to invest in because of its unique color design and impactful name. Who doesn't like a good dragon design on their weapon, especially if they're a Yakuza fan?

SSG 08: Abyss ($0.20-$5)

Best CS:GO Skins to Invest In 2023 - Image 6

The thing about the Scout is that players only purchase it when they don't have enough money to buy the AWP. Therefore, it wouldn't make sense to spend too much money on a skin for this weapon. 

Therefore, the Abyss skin is perfect to purchase, especially when you consider the fact that the price for it is as low as it gets. You know what they say, the only place to go when you've hit the ground is up.

Talon Knife: Ultraviolet ($245-$850)

Best CS:GO Skins to Invest In 2023 - Image 7

Hey, if you've gone through our list of best CS:GO knife skins then you'll know just how much we love the Ultraviolet skin for the Talon Knife. In addition to looking as good as it does, it's also a pretty safe investment. 

Now, some might argue that this doesn't count as a 'cheap' skin because the lowest it usually goes for is $245. While that is true when it comes to knife skins in particular, this is a pretty cheap price and we do believe it deserves a spot on this list.

Best Expensive Skins to Invest In

Now that we've gone through some of the cheap skins you can invest in, we thought we'd also go through some more expensive ones. Now, these skins are already expensive from the get go, so you'll have to be prepared to spend a pretty penny. Unless, of course, your stars align and you happen to score one of these skins from a drop.

AWP: Fade (Above $1000)

Best CS:GO Skins to Invest In 2023 - Image 8

Come on, you knew we had to start off strong. The Fade skin for the AWP is one of the priciest skins for this weapon, but rightfully so. With its bright color pattern and SUPER high rarity, we honestly believe having this weapon in your inventory will be a good idea for the long run. Hey, if the price of the skin doesn't go up with CS2, at least you'll have a really good looking skin, right?

Karambit: Doppler ($6,000-$9,000)

Best CS:GO Skins to Invest In 2023 - Image 9

We warned you guys that the prices of the skins mentioned were going to go up, right? The Doppler is easily the most sought after knife skin because of all the different phases of this weapon, and many professionals are expecting this to be even more true when CS2 launches.

While the price of this skin is indeed insane, if you get lucky enough to have it drop for free, you'll be looking at an easy four to possibly 5 figure profit. Even if you buy this skin, there's a good chance that you'll be able to sell it for a higher price for a profit later on.

AK-47: Fuel Injector ($100-$700)

Best CS:GO Skins to Invest In 2023 - Image 10

The AK-47's Fuel Injector skin is one that has been slowly but surely going up in price, especially with CS2. It's no surprise as to why either, as the skin looks really cool, even if you go for the cheapest one. Because of how the price has been increasing, it might be a good idea to buy it and then hold it for the long term to wait for the price to hit its peak.

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