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Best Sage Lineups on Sunset

Best Sage Lineups on Sunset

Sage proves herself as a top-tier agent renowned for her strategic utility deployment on various maps, with a special focus on the crucial role of her Barrier Orbs. However, deploying these orbs without a strategic approach may not produce the desired outcomes. Hence, understanding the optimal Sage wall lineups becomes paramount, particularly when facing the unique challenges presented by the Sunset map.

In this discussion, our attention shifts to Sunset, a map with its intricacies that differ from Split. After delving into Split's dynamics, it's crucial to recognize Sage's significance on Sunset. Sage's ability to shape engagements and establish crucial support positions makes her an indispensable asset, influencing round outcomes on this specific map.

For those seeking insights into impactful Sage wall lineups on Sunset, focusing on both the A and B sites is essential. Mastering these lineups plays a crucial role in maximizing Sage's impact on the battlefield. To further refine your skills, consider seeking guidance from a professional Valorant coach at Eloking. Take advantage of a 20% discount using the code "BoostToday" for all our services.

Best A Site Sunset Lineups

1) A-Elbow Sage Wall

Player navigating a tactical shooter game map with a visible health and ammo interface

The A-Elbow Sage wall lineup is a strategic play to gain a defensive advantage on the A Bombsite in Sunset. This particular lineup focuses on creating an off-angle elevation, catching opponents off-guard, and slowing down their push through A-Lobby.


  1. Position yourself at A-Elbow, the location near A-Site.
  2. Activate your Barrier Orb ability.
  3. Deploy the wall according to the specific location shown in the image, creating an elevated peeking position.

This Sage wall serves as a formidable deterrent for attackers approaching A-Lobby. By providing an unexpected elevation, defenders can catch enemies off-guard, especially at the start of a round. 

The off-angle allows for a unique line of sight, making it challenging for opponents to predict and counter. This lineup is particularly effective when used in coordination with high-impact weapons like the Operator or Vandal, ensuring a potential advantage for the defending team.

2) A-Main Sage Wall

First-person shooter game with heads-up display showing health and ammo

The A-Main Sage wall lineup capitalizes on the elevation change near A-Main, providing defenders with a strategic advantage over attackers pushing through A-Lobby. This lineup is designed to disrupt fast-execution strategies towards the A-Site and catch opponents by surprise.


  1. Position yourself at A-Main, near the designated area.
  2. Activate your Barrier Orb ability.
  3. Deploy the Sage wall above the box, as illustrated in the image, creating an elevated position.

Placing the Sage wall in this specific location offers defenders a unique vantage point over the Radianite boxes, allowing them to peek over and spot incoming enemies from A-Lobby. The elevated position is defender-sided, making it challenging for attackers to anticipate and counteract. 

However, it's crucial to be cautious of flash abilities from Agents like Breach or Reyna, as they can quickly disorient defenders in boosted positions. This lineup is particularly effective in punishing aggressive pushes through A-Lobby and disrupting the flow of attackers towards the A-Site.

Best B Site Sunset Lineups

1) B-Site near B-Boba Sage Wall

Player navigating through a strategic map in a first-person shooter game

Mastering this Sage wall near B-Boba requires precision and practice, offering a strategic advantage by providing a unique vantage point to defenders. This lineup offers a cheeky angle to surveil B-Market and secure key kills.


  1. Position yourself near the B-Boba entry, ensuring a clear line of sight to the targeted wall placement.
  2. Time your jump carefully to reach the desired height for optimal wall placement.
  3. Aim the Sage wall to cover the top of the box near B-Boba, as indicated in the accompanying image.
  4. Execute the wall placement, creating a barrier that grants you direct vision into B-Market.

This lineup is complex, demanding practice to perfect the jump and wall placement timing. Once executed correctly, the wall allows defenders to see over the B-Boba entry, catching attackers off-guard and potentially securing multiple kills. 

However, it's crucial not to spend excessive time perfecting this wall during live matches to avoid leaving the team vulnerable. Stay vigilant for enemies pushing from B-Main, as they can exploit the elevated position.

2) Mid-Bottom Sage Wall

First-person shooter video game with player holding a gun and aiming at an obstructive barrier

A straightforward Sage wall commonly used in Sunset matches, this lineup provides essential mid-control and information. Placing the wall at Mid-Bottom ensures a clear line of sight to Mid-Top and players peeking from the arch structure.


  1. Move to the Mid-Bottom location, considering the potential presence of enemies.
  2. Position the crosshair to target the specific wall placement area.
  3. Execute the Sage wall, creating a barrier that covers Mid-Bottom and offers a strategic advantage.

While this lineup is predictable, it remains effective in gaining mid-control and gathering vital information. Defenders can use this wall to spot enemy movements, pivoting efficiently between bomb sites. 

However, experienced opponents may anticipate this strategy, emphasizing the importance of varying mid-control approaches by peeking different corners each time. Adaptability is key to maintaining the element of surprise and successfully controlling the mid-area on Sunset.

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What's the best way to learn these lineups?

The best way to learn these Sage wall lineups is through consistent practice and seeking guidance from experienced players or coaches. Platforms like Eloking offer professional Valorant coaching services where you can get personalized training to enhance your skills. 

By using the code "BoostTogether," you can avail yourself of a 20% discount on all Eloking services. Coaching provides valuable insights, feedback, and tailored advice, accelerating your learning curve and helping you master Sage's lineups on Sunset.

What other Valorant maps can the concept of these lineups work?

While the specific Sage wall lineups discussed in this guide are tailored for Sunset, the concept of strategic wall placements can be adapted to other Valorant maps. Sage's utility is versatile, and with slight adjustments, players can employ similar ideas on maps like BindSplit, and Ascent. Experimentation and familiarity with map layouts are key to successfully applying these concepts across various game environments.

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