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Valorant Champions Tour Roadmap for 2024

Valorant Champions Tour Roadmap for 2024

As the competitive Valorant scene continues to thrive, Riot Games unveils an ambitious roadmap for the Valorant Champions Tour, or VCT, in 2024. Building on the success and learnings from the previous years, the VCT 2024 promises to bring new dimensions to the global championship series.

Today, we're here to go through the entire roadmap for VCT 2024. This includes the tournament's structure, changes, and the lineup for the league to ensure you know which days to clear up in your schedule.

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Three-Tiered Structure

Valorant Champions Tour Roadmap for 2024 - Image 1

VCT 2024 introduces a three-tiered structure that comprises Premier, Challenger, and International Leagues. The Premier category operates as Valorant's in-game competitive tournament system, open to the best Valorant players worldwide. Teams that excel in Premier tournaments earn the opportunity to progress to the next stage of Challengers, marking a significant shift in the competitive ecosystem.

Premier Schedule

Valorant Premier 1: January to April

Valorant Premier 2: May to August

Valorant Premier 3: September to December

Evolving Challengers Format

The Challenger format undergoes further evolution in 2024. The Challenger calendar spans the entire year, culminating in the Challenger Ascension. The top-performing teams from the Ascension stage secure a place alongside the world's best teams in VCT 2025. Placing Ascension after the Champions event ensures increased exposure for emerging teams.

Challengers Schedule

Challengers Playoffs (Split 1): February to April

Challengers Playoffs (Split 2): May to August

Challengers Ascension: August to September

Global Events Showcase

Valorant Champions Tour Roadmap for 2024 - Image 2

Seven major tournaments are slated for 2024, kicking off with the VCT 2024 Kick-Off Tournament, a two-week extravaganza featuring the top teams from every region. The top 8 teams qualify for the first major global event, Masters Madrid, setting the stage for an exhilarating competitive season.

Global Events Schedule

VCT 2024 Kick-Off Tournament: January to February

Valorant Masters Madrid: March

International League 1: April

Valorant Masters Shanghai: May

International League 2: June

Valorant Champions 2024: August

Valorant Game Changers Championship: November

Expanding International League

Valorant Champions Tour Roadmap for 2024 - Image 3

For the first time, China officially joins the International League, becoming the fourth official region alongside North America, EMEA, and Pacific. Masters 2 will take place in Shanghai, China, marking a significant step in recognizing and embracing the burgeoning Chinese Valorant community.

International League Teams

North America (The Guard): 

EMEA (Gentle Mates):

Pacific (Bleed Esports):


In-Game Qualification for Challengers

Valorant Champions Tour Roadmap for 2024 - Image 4

Starting in 2024, top teams emerging from the in-game Premier system gain a direct pathway into Challengers. Qualification for Champions is now determined by recent performances and accumulated Championship points, emphasizing consistent excellence.

In previous iterations of the VCT, teams often had to navigate a multi-step qualification process, involving various stages and tournaments. However, in 2024, the top teams from the in-game Premier system are granted a direct ticket into the prestigious Challengers competition. This streamlined approach not only accelerates the journey for deserving teams but also places a heightened emphasis on consistent excellence within the game itself.

The in-game qualification system serves as a platform for emerging talent and lesser-known teams to make their mark. By excelling in Valorant Premier tournaments, teams have the chance to bypass certain traditional qualifiers, providing a more accessible pathway to the upper echelons of competitive play. This democratization of the qualification process fosters a more inclusive and diverse competitive landscape.

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