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League of Legends: Riot Introduces Updated LP System in Season 14

League of Legends: Riot Introduces Updated LP System in Season 14

In previous seasons of League of Legends, players have voiced frustration with the irregularities in LP gains within the ranked scene, highlighting perceived unfair fluctuations that impeded a seamless progression through the ranks. In light of this, Riot Games has just announced significant changes to the League of Legends Ranked LP Gains System.

These modifications primarily target players in the Emerald tier and above, aiming to create a more stable and equitable environment for the upper tiers of the competitive ladder. Riot encourages player feedback for refinement and introduces a soft reset for Apex tiers, advising players to gauge progress relative to previous seasons. 

These changes promise a more balanced and responsive experience for players as they gear up for Season 14. Moreover, if you are struggling in your own promo games, we recommend you hiring a professional-level coach to show you the ropes. You can even use the code "BoostToday" for a 20% discount. With that said, let us get right into the details. 

Fine-Tuning LP Gains




Graphical presentation of ranked changes between Split 1 and Split 2 showing adjustments in tier distributions

One of the key adjustments is the recentering of LP gains for players in Emerald and above, now hovering around the +-20 mark. This change seeks to minimize extreme fluctuations in LP gains, particularly during short spurts of +19/-21 and +21/-19, which often occur when players face challenges at tier boundaries. 


The goal is to create a smoother progression system that rewards consistent performance while mitigating the impact of occasional setbacks.

For those in the lower tiers, specifically below Emerald, LP gains will be centered around +-28, a deviation that Riot Games acknowledges may present sustainability challenges. The system aims to strike a balance with +27/-29 and +29/-27, but the team is committed to closely monitoring the situation and making further adjustments as needed.

Player Feedback is Vital

Diamond+ players are urged to provide feedback on their experiences, especially if they encounter prolonged periods of LP gains such as +18/-22 or worse. Riot Games is actively seeking player input to fine-tune the system and address any unforeseen issues that may arise during the implementation of these changes.

Additionally, Riot Games is investigating cases where players below Emerald are losing at tier boundaries without "demoting as intended." In such scenarios, heavy negative LP gains may be experienced as the system works to align a player's ranking with their skill level. This approach aims to ensure that players are appropriately placed within the competitive hierarchy.

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Apex Tier Dynamics




Promotion to Master rank in an online game, featuring a purple wing emblem and dark background

The Apex tier, with its soft reset at the beginning of the season, presents its own set of dynamics. Diamond 1, initially considered high and equivalent to the top 300 players, is expected to see a slow expansion of the top of the LP ladder. Riot Games advises players to gauge their progress relative to the previous season, utilizing platforms like OP.GG for a contextualized understanding of their performance.


For those maintaining a 50/50 win rate this season, Riot Games estimates that an account in D3/D4 would be its equivalent place, taking into account the standings of the max LP player. This method offers players a clearer perspective on their progress as the competitive landscape evolves throughout the season.

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With these significant adjustments, Riot Games invites the League of Legends community to embrace the changes and actively participate in the ongoing refinement of the Ranked LP Gains System. By fostering open communication and collaboration between players and developers, the aim is to create an environment that is not only competitive but also enjoyable for all participants in Season 14 and beyond. 




What’s next?

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