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How to Win More Ranked Matches in Overwatch 2


Winning ranked matches in such a competitive game like Overwatch 2 is no easy feat. However, it’s the only way to climb the competitive ranks to make a name for yourself. Although sometimes it might feel like you’re destined to be on an eternal losing streak, we’re here with some tips that will, without a doubt, help you win more ranked matches in Overwatch 2.

To start winning more ranked matches in Overwatch 2, you first need to commit to a specific role that you want to main. After that, decide on two heroes from that specific role to play and get to perfect their abilities. Furthermore, try to communicate with your teammates more, and if possible, have a team you exclusively play with.

We’ll be going through various tips and tricks you can use to win more ranked matches in Overwatch 2.

#1: Commit to a Specific Role

It’s a well known fact that Overwatch 2 has multiple roles that players can main. There’s the DPS role which focuses more on dealing damage, the tank role which has heroes with more health and barrier related abilities that help them last longer, and finally, the support role which, as the name implies, has heroes with abilities better suited for supporting and healing teammates.

However, one thing many players do is that instead of focusing on only one role to main, they try to be a jack of all trades. Although that isn’t necessarily a bad idea, being a jack of all trades will increase the chances of you being a master of none What this means is that although you’ll have decent skill in playing every role, you won’t have the exceptional skill in any role required to comfortably win ranked matches.

Therefore, it’s highly recommended that you choose one role and commit to it. By doing so, you’ll notice your gameplay will improve dramatically over time. Of course, some players might have some problems finding the best role for themselves, in which case we have you covered since we’ve already gone through how to find your main role in Overwatch 2.

#2: Know What Hero to Main

Naturally, the next step after committing to a specific role is picking heroes to main that are part of that role. Now, picking the right hero for you might get tricky at times because of the overwhelming number of choices you have, but you have to take multiple factors into consideration.

For example, if you’re a support main and want to know which support hero you should main, then you should first take into account what your playstyle is and then pick a hero based on that. Additionally, we always recommend players have two heroes they main instead of one, as that allows them to be more flexible with their choices.

#3: Time for Practice

So you know what role you want to play and what heroes you want to main. Well, the only thing left to do is to practice as much as you can. Of course, players have different ways of practicing, may it be by playing practice focused custom games, having a good Overwatch 2 Aim Labs routine, or maybe just playing a set number of quick play matches every day.

However, all of this is to improve the aim and movement skills of players. When it comes to improving in your specific role, we recommend you go through the tips we’ve compiled for every role in Overwatch 2. DPStank, and also support.

You should know the various abilities of every hero available in the game, not just the ones you play. By doing so, you’ll be able to identify and counter those abilities more often.

#4: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

You probably knew this one was coming. The thing about Overwatch 2 is that it heavily relies on coordination between teammates. After all, why else are there different roles in this game for players to pick?

Because of this, communication between teammates is extremely important if you want to increase the chances of you winning ranked matches. In game pings especially are a godsend when it comes to communicating with strangers. However, it’s recommended that, if possible, you have a team you regularly play ranked matches with, as the familiarity will make winning matches easier.

Alternatively, there are some players who would rather push solo queue, and we respect that. If you’re one of those players, then here are 5 pro tips on how to climb solo queue in Overwatch 2.

The best advice we could give anyone, however, when it comes to winning more ranked matches and relating to the team you play with, is to hire a professional Overwatch 2 player from Eloking, and to select the ‘play with booster’ option when selecting your boost. This is by FAR the best way to win ranked matches, as you’ll literally have a professional player on your team.

What’s next?

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