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How to Fly in Rocket League?

How to Fly in Rocket League?

Rocket League might be, in essence, a football game at the end of the day. However, seeing as how we play as cars trying to score goals by pushing a giant ball, you can see that things are bound to be a little different from traditional football. One of those things is the fact that you can fly.

Now, fly is what the term Rocket League players use is, when it's actually getting high up in the air in order to dominate the opposition from the air. Now, we'll be focusing on two types of aerials today, which are the single jump aerial and double jump aerial. Naturally, in addition to telling you how you can pull them off, we'll also be guiding you on the best ways to practice both of these aerial methods.

So, if you want to learn how to best soar the skies in Rocket League then keep reading.

The Basics: Single-Jump Aerial

Mastering the single-jump aerial is the first step to becoming a proficient Rocket League player. This fundamental skill allows you to take to the skies and engage in thrilling aerial maneuvers. 

Before attempting a single-jump aerial, it's important to practice in a controlled environment. Free Play mode is perfect for this purpose. In Free Play, you can hone your skills without the pressures of a competitive match, and it offers the advantage of unlimited boost, allowing you to focus solely on perfecting your aerial technique.

Pulling Off the Jump

The first step in executing a single-jump aerial is to initiate a jump. By pressing the jump button (default is 'X' on most controllers), your car will leap into the air. It's crucial to time your jump correctly, as this sets the foundation for the entire maneuver.

Once your car is airborne, the next step is to tilt it backward. This is done by pulling the left stick (default joystick control) down or backward. Tipping your car's nose upward toward the ceiling is vital because it positions your vehicle for controlled flight.

After achieving the desired tilt, release the left stick. This action serves two purposes. Firstly, it stabilizes your car's orientation, ensuring that it remains facing the desired direction. Secondly, it prevents unnecessary adjustments that could lead to erratic flight.

With your car now pointed upward, it's time to engage your boost. The boost button (default is 'B' on most controllers) propels your car upwards toward the ceiling. As you boost, you'll notice that your car's flight relies heavily on the thrust from its rear thrusters.

An important aspect of aerial control is the ability to manage your car's speed while airborne. To accelerate, gently push the left stick forward to tilt your car forward. Conversely, pulling the stick back slows your car down. Mastering these speed adjustments is crucial for maneuvering effectively in the air.

Moving Up: Double Jump Aerials

Double-jump aerials are a crucial progression in the world of Rocket League aerial maneuvers. This advanced technique allows players to take their aerial skills to new heights, quite literally. By mastering double jump aerials, you can gain a significant advantage over opponents and contribute more effectively to your team's success.

To perform a double jump aerial, you must first understand the fundamentals of a single-jump aerial. Just like in the single-jump version, you start by initiating a jump and then tilting your car backward while in the air. This action sets the stage for the maneuver. However, the key difference lies in what comes next.

What Makes the Double Jump Different

Once your car is in the air with its nose pointed toward the sky, you introduce a critical element - the second jump. This second jump is executed while you are already airborne and follows the initial jump closely. It's a rapid, well-timed button press that counteracts the pull of gravity on your vehicle.

With the second jump, gravity's influence on your car is momentarily negated, allowing for smoother and more controlled flight. This instant release from gravity is the defining feature of the double-jump aerial. It's the moment when your car transforms from a ground-bound vehicle into a soaring rocket.

Once the second jump is successfully executed, you engage your boost. The boost propels your car upwards at an accelerated rate, enabling you to climb in elevation much faster compared to a single-jump aerial. This speed can make all the difference when racing opponents to make a critical save or execute a breathtaking aerial goal.

Timing is of the essence when performing double-jump aerials. After the initial jump, you have a narrow window of just 1.5 seconds to execute the second jump. 

This timeframe requires quick and precise input, and if you find yourself backflipping instead of soaring, it's often due to not releasing the left joystick quickly enough before executing the second jump.

How to Practice Flying in Rocket League

Now that you know how to pull off two of the most popular aerial maneuvers, it's time to get to practice. After all, you can't master something without first putting in the required effort, right?

To help you with this, we're here with a couple of tips that are sure to help you master these aerial maneuvers in no time.

What’s next?

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