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Best Overwatch 2 Aim Lab Routine


Are you one of the many players who want to get better at Overwatch 2 but don’t know how to? Well, luckily for you, Overwatch 2 is an FPS game, and there already is an amazing and sure fire way to improve your aim which is Aim Lab. However, not just any routine will do, as Overwatch 2 is different from your typical first person shooter.

There are a handful of aim lab routines that work great with Overwatch 2, but perhaps the best ones are first playing Grid Shot Ultimate and then jumping straight to Sniper Shot Ultimate. After that, you jump into the Spider Shot 180 warmup task before finishing the routine with Sphere Tracking.

We’ll be going through the best Overwatch 2 Aim Lab routine so that you can see a drastic improvement in your gameplay in a super short amount of time.

Task #1: Grid Shot Ultimate

This task is one of the most common ones, and there’s no surprise as to why. Gridshot ultimate teaches players things that are important to them regardless of what FPS game they’re playing, and that’s why it’s one of the few routines that can help you with Overwatch 2.

For starters, going for a high score in Gridshot helps players understand what mouse sensitivity is best for them, as everyone has a different sensitivity level that they’re able to perform with. Additionally, it also helps you with your posture, as with trial and error you’ll find yourself eventually setting for a specific posture unconsciously to get a good score.

Finally, perhaps the most important thing it helps players with is their reaction time. Overwatch 2 is a game where there are constantly enemy heroes zooming, flying, or teleporting around the map, and because of that, it’s important to stay alert at all times. Of course, it helps if you’re able to land a good flick or two.

The score you want to try to consistently hit is anywhere above 70k. If you get lower than that then you might need to change your sensitivity or posture.

Task #2: Sniper Shot Ultimate

Sniper Shot ultimate is the task that should be played immediately after Grid Shot because of the fact that the targets in Sniper Shot are further away in comparison, and as such considerably smaller.

Although this task benefits players who play heroes like Widowmaker the most, that doesn’t mean you won’t see a jump in your overall reaction speed, flicks, and sight coordination. Not to mention, the biggest advantage of this task is it helps you have a more steady hand when aiming down without having to sacrifice any of the mandatory precision in the process.

Again, the score you should strive for is anywhere above 70k. However, if you’re someone who mains Widowmaker, then we recommend you go for a score closer to 80k instead.

Task #3: Spider Shot 180 Warmup

If you’ve been around Aim Labs for a while, then chances are you’ve heard of the Spider Shot task. However, since we already included two similar tasks, we thought we’d change things up a bit to take your routine to the next level.

Spider Shot 180 Warmup is just like Spider Shot until it isn’t. Instead of Spider Shot where the aim is to shoot as many targets as you can while standing still, the aim here is to shoot one or two targets, do a 180, shoot one or two targets, and then keep repeating the process.

Remember to not time yourself, as there are several reasons for doing the exercise in this specific way. For starters, it helps you get a sense of just how much space you have on your mousepad to move your mouse. This familiarization allows you to pull off flicks more successfully in the game.

Task #4: Sphere Tracking

The final task on your Aim Lab routine to improve your gameplay in Overwatch 2 is sphere tracking. Now, you might be wondering how following around a sphere for minutes is supposed to help you with Overwatch 2.

Well, two things actually. The first is that this task teaches you how to track target efficiently. Get good enough with tracking targets in Aim Labs and you’ll eventually get good at tracking enemies in Overwatch 2 as well.

Secondly, similar to the Spider Shot 180 warmup task, this task allows you to get a better feel of your mouse and the space on your mousepad. You’ll eventually find yourself unconsciously centering your mouse when you sense it’s about to go out of the mousepad or if it’s about to hit something.

Try getting at least a 50% track score and then continue to slowly but gradually climb from there.

Task #5: One Quick Play Match

Of course, no routine will be complete without playing a casual or quick play match to seal the deal. Remember, although Aim Labs can definitely help you with the aiming aspect of the game, nothing beats playing an actual match with actual people when it comes to getting a feel of the game.

Try to apply everything you learn with the 4 aforementioned Aim Lab tasks in your quick play match, and if you think you’re ready then jump right into competitive mode to get your rank up. Make us proud, young padawan.

If you find that this routine helps you improve (as we know it will), then consider checking out the best Aim Lab routine for Valorant Episode 6 so you’re able to be one of the best players in that game as well.

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