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How to increase max players in CS2?

How to increase max players in CS2?

CS2 is a game where so many players can hop on in the same game and enjoy with their friends. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a limit to how many players can play at one. When you hit the maximum number of players allowed in a match, you can possibly use a workaround to increase the max number.

We’re here today to tell you how you can increase the maximum number of players in CS2. Not only will we give you a step-by-step guide for increasing the maximum playercount in CS2 but we’ll also give some pointers for why some players might want to do so.

Without further ado, here’s how you can increase max players in CS2. 

Why increase max players in Counter-Strike 2?

Video game characters advancing in urban combat

While not officially supported by the game, increasing the maximum number of players in a match is still possible through a bit of tampering. But how does this improve the game experience in any way? well, imagine you’re in the middle of a high-tension match, strategizing with your teammates. Now, throw in a few more players on the map. The chaos and excitement immediately increase. 

Increasing max players in Counter-Strike 2 offers a fresh perspective on the game With more tactics to consider, and high-voltage gameplay filled with frequent encounters and aggressive plays, you’re sure to have a blast.  It can help you better your skills and strategy and elevate the community aspect of the game. With more players in each game, there are more opportunities to meet and compete with fellow gamers, increasing the vibrancy.

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How do I increase the maximum number of players in Counter-Strike 2?

Interactive graph showing gaming statistics including player numbers and Twitch viewership peaks

Here’s a complete step-by-step guide to increasing the maximum player count in Counter-Strike 2. 

Locate your server

The server you’d be hosting on is typically located on your PC by the name ‘server.cfg’. To find it, go to:

C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\game\csgo\cfg 

Open the server.cfg file 

The server.cfg file contains pretty much most configuration options for your server, like server protection settings, gameplay mechanics, map rotation, game modes, weapons, admin controls, and of course, player limits. To open this file to edit it’s contents, follow these steps:

Right click  → “open with” / ”Edit” → “Notepad” (or Notepad++, depending on your preference)

Opening the file in any text editor will allow you to edit it however you want, so make sure to locate the correct file, and open it using a supported text editing software. 

Edit the server 

Now, coming to the most important step of this entire process. After you’ve opened your server file, copy and paste the entirety of the following text below. 

Apart from the maximum player count, there are several other options that you can mess around with, so feel free to experiment by adding lots of fun tweaks to your server. Once you’ve copied and pasted the above text, click ctrl-s to save and apply the modifications you've just made, and exit.   

Start the game 

With everything done, all you need to do now is restart Steam and start the game. Click on:

 Play → Practice → Casual (don't select ‘Competition’)

Once the game starts running, open the console and type “exec server”. 

What’s next?

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