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League of Legends: New PVE Game Mode "Swarm" Unveiled

League of Legends: New PVE Game Mode "Swarm" Unveiled

Riot Games has finally lifted the veil on their new Player vs. Environment (PVE) game mode for League of Legends, called "Swarm". Fans of the popular Vampire Survivors game will find this mode excitingly familiar, but with a League of Legends twist. This new addition promises to bring a fresh and engaging experience to both solo players and groups of up to four.

In this article, we will explore the newly announced Swarm mode in League of Legends, detailing its gameplay mechanics, characters, release schedule, and potential for future iterations. We'll also discuss community reactions and expectations for this innovative mode.

So without further delay, let us dive into the world of this new exciting game mode.

Swarm: A League of Legends Take on Vampire Survivors

Swarm mode takes heavy inspiration from Vampire Survivors, bringing a similar experience to the League of Legends universe. Players will face relentless waves of enemies, collecting experience points (XP) and leveling up as they go. The primary objective is to survive and grow stronger by acquiring various abilities that automatically target enemies.

Gameplay Mechanics




Three new game cards displayed in an online game interface




Swarm is designed to be a rogue-lite experience, meaning that each playthrough is unique, and players can unlock permanent power-ups that carry over between games. Movement is controlled with the WASD keys, offering a more hands-on approach compared to traditional League of Legends gameplay.

Abilities and Power-ups

Players can choose from champions that have Anima Squad skins, including some that have received these skins in previous updates, such as Jinx. Each character has two active abilities and a range of passive abilities that automatically attack enemies. As players defeat waves of enemies and gather XP, they can enhance their abilities via augments and become more powerful.

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Solo and Multiplayer Options




Screenshot of an intense multiplayer game with players and creatures




Swarm can be played solo or with up to four players, making it a versatile mode for different playstyles. Whether you're looking to tackle the challenges alone or team up with friends, Swarm offers a fun and dynamic way to experience League of Legends outside of its traditional competitive modes.

Release Schedule and Future Plans

Swarm will debut on the PBE next week, with an official release on live servers set for July 17th. However, this initial iteration will not be permanent due to its limited content. Riot Games has expressed openness to making Swarm a permanent fixture if it receives positive feedback, similar to how the Arena mode was handled.

Community Reactions

The announcement of Swarm has generated significant excitement within the League of Legends community. Players are eager to see how the familiar mechanics of Vampire Survivors translate into the League universe. However, some have noted peculiarities in the gameplay trailer, such as the absence of shadows, suggesting that the mode is still being fine-tuned.

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Swarm mode represents an exciting new chapter for League of Legends, blending familiar elements from Vampire Survivors with the unique champions and lore of the League universe. Its release on July 17th is highly anticipated, and its potential for permanent inclusion depends on player reception. 

As fans gear up to face waves of enemies with their favorite Anima Squad champions, the League of Legends community awaits with bated breath to see if Swarm will become a beloved new staple in the game.



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