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League of Legends: When will Hwei be Released?

League of Legends: When will Hwei be Released?

League of Legends has this ability to keep things consistently exciting. The fanbase is always abuzz with anticipation, whether it be new modes, new items, or more importantly new champions. Currently, all the hype surrounds the new champion Hwei; an artistic mage who is set to dominate the rift with his painting skills.

Hwei will be included in a major PBE patch in two weeks, while the official release is scheduled to come live around Dec 7. This PBE patch will not only host Hwei but also include a game-changing itemization rework. Moreover, Hwei is set to be included in the new set of Winterblessed skins that will be rolled out with his official release.

While the official release is still a few weeks due, Hwei's artistic vibe has already slipped onto the rift

Hwei's Teasers on Summoner's Rift

A couple of days back players began to notice a unique artwork featured on the upper half of the top lane. Whether this symbol is just Hwei's signature or does it harness a deeper meaning is still up for debate. Some say the symbol resembles the infinity sign, speculating the champion to have infinite scaling. 

Mystical cavern with a glowing rune stone and lit torches

Now Riot has displaced the symbol elsewhere. It can now be found on the pillars next to both item shops. 

Fantasy video game scene with mythical creatures and lush environment

Hwei's Abilities and Gameplay

While the actual gameplay is yet to be uncovered by Riot, the fanbase is going wild with speculations as the champion might break the mold of traditional ability casting. To emphasize, Hwei's whole theme is based on applying his artistic creativity on the battlefield. This may or may not translate to his actual playstyle. 

One theory suggests that Hwei's ability casting and area of impact can be dynamic, depending on the player's own creative cursor movement. While this theory might just break the game, Riot Games is known to introduce game-changing mechanics to exalt every champion release. 

In-game magic spell interface with invoke spell list

While the other theory suggests, Hwei will have a playstyle resembling that of the Invoker from Dota 2. Each ability will be crafted from a mix of different abilities. For example, a sequential combo of QWE might produce a different ability than pressing EWQ.  

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The New Winterblessed Skins

Back in December 2022, Riot introduced a whole new Winterblessed skin line which reflected the winter season leading up to Christmas. The Winterblessed event is back this year to bless this winter with a bunch of new skins, while also commemorating Hwei's release. The following champions will be featured in the Winterblessed 2023 event:

  1. Sylas
  2. Thresh
  3. Camille
  4. Lucian
  5. Senna
  6. Hwei

As you can tell, Hwei's launch skin will be Winterblessed Hwei, which may feature Hwei drawing Christmas lights with his abilities. The new skins will add 6 to an already existing pool of 7 Winterblessed skins. While the skin line will be released on Dec 7 (Patch 13.24), you can enjoy the new champion on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) in two weeks. 

Furthermore, we will be sure to keep you updated with further leaks regarding the champion leading up to the official gameplay trailer. You can also check out the New Baby Dragon ADC, which is set to be released right after Hwei has settled into the Rift. 

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