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Best Valorant Agents for Lotus (Episode 6)


Valorant, being the ever expanding game that it is continues to get new updates and seasons. The newest map to be added to the game is one with the name Lotus, which is rather unique because of how many wide spaces can be found on this map.

Many streamers and professional players have already put their two cents in regarding which agents they can expect to be the ‘meta’, or used the most here. Although many players have already disregarded most duelists because of the wide spaces on this map, we’re here to tell you that they’re wrong. On the contrary, there are some duelists that we expect will perform really well on this map.

We’ll be going through those, as well as the other best agents to play in Lotus, as well as explaining why they’re the best for the job.

1: Killjoy

The first agent we believe will be the meta in Lotus is the German agent Killjoy. As a matter of fact, we aren’t the only ones to think this, as ex-100 Thieves Valorant head coach Sean ‘sgares’ Gares also believes this to be true.

Although there are some really wide places in this map, there are also some very VERY tight chokes, because of which Killjoy is the perfect agent to use. Not only can her mollies (Nanoswarm grenades) deploy a damaging swarm of nanobots, but she also has her turret ability. Pair her nanobot grenades with her alarmbots, and players can successfully defend small areas.

Of course, tight spaces are the very definition of double edge swords, and it’s very easy to get ganged up on with no way to make it out alive. However, that is to be expected from a strategy like this, and if done well it can be more than worth the risk.

One very common strategy we expect players to play is to place a turret on sit because of the more than impressive 180 degrees of damage radius it has, all the while covering a different site for maximum coverage. With the super fast rotate potential of the map, the risk of leaving an entire site alone with only a turret to defend it will be minimized.

2: Raze

Up next is the Brazilian duelists Raze. Looking at the super tight spaces in this map, how could we not mention one of the best agents for situations like this? Perhaps the scariest thing a Valorant player can see when roaming the tight spaces of Lotus is a boom bot coming towards them.

The straight yet narrow spaces of Lotus can be exploited using Raze’s boom bot, but that isn’t all. Her showstopper ultimate, when used under the right circumstances, can do some devastating damage to the enemy. All it has to do is touch the enemy once and boom.

Of course, similar to Killjoy, Raze also has throwable grenades, but this time they’re cluster grenades, which can actually be more useful than incendiary because of the sub munitions it creates.

Perhaps the best strategy to use in this map with Raze is to use the element of surprise to your advantage. After all, Raze is one of the most mobile and agile agents in the game, and taking advantage of her mobility to catch the enemy by surprise in a tight location will allow you to get some easy kills for your team.

Your chances of pulling off Raze will be made much better if you’re able to work with your teammates. Having a Sage, and maybe a breach will make it so you’ll be able to put much more pressure on the enemy.


Being one of the most popular agents in Valorant (arguably THE most popular), we just couldn’t leave Sage off of this list. Although Sage can be very useful in general because of her reviving ultimate ability, we will instead be focusing on how she can be an invaluable asset in the Lotus map specifically.

Okay, so let’s go through her three other abilities. First up is the healing orb, which can be VERY useful, especially when we take into account the super wide sites. As long as Sage players are able to stay out of the range of the enemy, all the while keeping their teammates in their sights, they’ll be able to use their heal orbs to get teammates out of a pinch and assist in team fights.

Next comes the slow orb. Because of the narrow spaces this map is littered with, a well placed slow orb will be able to successfully close down an entire push side. Unless, of course, the enemy wants to push while slowed, in which case they’ll be easy pickings for your team.

Finally, there’s Sage’s barrier ability, which works similarly to slow orbs, with the exception of the fact that it completely closes off a space for a limited time instead of slowing enemies that enter the space down. Because of that, the barrier ability is much more useful than the slow orb one, at least in most cases.

4: Kay/O

KAY/O, Valorant

Although pretty much any initiator would be a good choice in this map, we believe Kay/O has a slight advantage because of the benefit in both attacking and defending it gives to players. 

We’ve already established how good grenades are on this map because of the tight corridor like spaces you can find. Therefore, flash/drive and frag/ment are both perfectly viable options to use against players trying to rush the point by getting through the tight spaces. The zero/point suppression blade can also be used much like the two other abilities we mentioned.

However, Kay/O’s ultimate null/cmd is why this agent has found itself on this list. As we mentioned before, the sites on this map are very wide and open with not too many places to hide. Because of this, one good use of the ultimate ability will render anyone in the site vicinity immovable. All that’ll be left to do at that point will be to take them down.

Kay/O can also act as a counter to the number one agent on this list, Killjoy, and any other composition that might revolve around her. This adaptability is why Kay/O is so high on our list.

5: Cypher

Cypher official Valorant art

We believe pretty much every sentinel can be a force to be reckoned with on this map, but Cypher has some unique abilities that go especially well with this map because of which we just HAD to include him on this list.

The first ability we want to talk a little bit more about is his cyber cage, which, when exploiting the narrow yet completely straight spaces this map has, can effectively block the enemy’s entire line of sight. If someone does choose to enter the cage of smoke, then they’ll be slowed, making them an easier target for you to take down.

His spycam and tripwire abilities both benefit from the maze like structure this map has, where players can find some super sneaky locations to hide their wires and cams in. The entire map is your playground, all you need to do is be creative with your abilities.

6: Brimstone

Brimstone: A guide to Valorant's sturdy Controller

Brimstone is another agent that can greatly benefit from the narrow corridors of the map by using his utilities. His incendiary grenade launcher especially can be used to create a lingering fire zone to close off an entire corridor, lest the enemy wants to constantly get damaged.

Seeing as how the map is also quite wide, the sky smoke can be used to your advantage as well, with the fact that you don’t even have to be near a place to smoke it being an invaluable factor.

One more thing that can work to the Brimstone’s advantage is how the sites are so open. Throwing some good places stim beacons will allow for more of your team to be able to take full advantage of the RapidFire they provide them.

7: Yoru

Valorant agent Yoru

The final agent who’s managed to make it on this list is the duelist Yoru. The biggest reason for him being on this list is his teleportation ability, gatecrash. Because of how wide the map itself is, there’s potential for some rather interesting teleports that can take the enemy completely by surprise.

Of course, that doesn’t mean the other abilities of this agent can’t benefit from this map either. Blindside especially can benefit from the more narrow corridors and tight corners of Lotus. Using Fakeout in a good straight path can also fool the enemy into shooting the decoy while you check to see if the area’s safe to cross or not.

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