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Agent: What is an agent in Valorant?

Just like in their other golden goose, League of Legends, Riot Games has a similar character system in Valorant as well. Here, instead of champions, they’re called agents. If we’re talking lore-wise, every agent represents the Valorant protocol, which is an in-game secret organization that protects Alpha Earth against threats.

Every agent has a base health of 100 HP (that can be increased using shields), and all but five agents need to be unlocked by progressing through their player contracts. The five agents every player starts with are Brimstone, Jett, Phoenix, Sage, and Sova.

What differentiates every agent?

Speaking from a playable standpoint, all twenty of the playable agents are different, each with their unique abilities. To be more specific, every agent has four abilities in total. Most are unlocked through their contracts, which are in-game challenges that can be completed to unlock various rewards such as weapon skins and player cards.

Another thing differentiating every agent is what class they’re part of. There are four classes in this game that determine your role in the game.

If you have trouble picking the right agent for yourself, then we already have you covered. Go through our guide on the best Agents in Valorant to learn tips, tricks, and playing strategies for the top agents in this game.

What’s next?

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