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Best Agents in Valorant 2022


With 19 agents to choose from, it has never been a better time to pick up Valorant. There is an agent for anyone’s playstyle. However, as per our mental health and elo are concerned, every agent has their own quirks when it comes to absolutely destroying my self-esteem.

This guide is not only going to show you what agents are considered “Good” or “Bad” but where they place in the grander scheme of things. Moreover, we have also compiled some of the best tips that can take your playstyle just a little bit further because the higher you climb on the ranked ladder, the “little” goes an extremely long way.

This guide is made not only for casuals but for the self-proclaimed diamond sweats as well. We would like to preface the guide by saying that this guide obviously has come with biases, and a tier-list by two different people would never be the same.

Valorant Tier List: September 2022

To mitigate most of the inherent biases tier-lists have, we looked no further than at radiant players and what is being played at the peak of competition sprinkled in with a little bit of noob stomping. So without further ado, here is the tier list.



Although Reyna strikes fear into the heart of every silver, the imminent fear of any instalock Reyna being an immortal smurf carrying their girlfriend to Platinum. At the end of the day, Reyna is just a noob-stompy champion, and as you climb the ranks and plateau anywhere from Platinum onwards. She loses her novelty really quickly. Unless you feel like FPX Suygetsu on that particular day, we will avoid her since she doesn’t really do anything for the team.


Make sure to throw your Leer as high up in the air as possible. This not only throws off your opponent's crosshair placement, but the leer is harder to shoot since it's all the way in the stratosphere.

There is an inherent delay when you cancel Reyna’s dismiss. This delay is the reason why you can’t shoot people immediately. A tip for when you’re approaching a corner is to actually jump around the corner and, just at the apex of your jump, preemptively cancel your dismiss. This means that when you land, you already have your gun out. This usually nets me a couple of guaranteed kills per match.


Now we know what you’re going to say. “Breach is overpowered. I can’t believe you put him in the C-Tier”. Although we do agree to some extent with that statement, there is a huge caveat when it comes to playing Breach. Breach’s utilities are just very mediocre. His flashes are easily dodgeable, his aftershock is, in a majority of cases, useless. There is one map that we would recommend him as a necessity, and that is fracture.


Save your aftershock for either post plant or for breaking utility. Especially for Killjoy ult on fracture. This tip will net you 3 rounds minimum per fracture game. Be sure to keep this in the back of your mind.

Breach flash is one of the easiest flashes to dodge in the game. My tip would be just like Reyna flash relatively high. Even though the flashes might not be on their screen, they still do get blinded with the added benefit of them not expecting where the flash is coming from.