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Why Didn't Tyler1 Join a Professional Team?


There are many players out there who, despite being very skilled in the game they play, do not join professional teams. Perhaps the best example of a player like this is Tyler1, the extremely popular League of Legends content creator. While he definitely has the skills required to join and strive in a professional team, he refuses to do so.

There are various reasons Tyler1 hasn’t joined a professional team. From his past of displaying toxic behavior and getting banned for it, to the fact that streaming gives him more freedom and flexibility. There’s also an aspect of personal preference and the fact that he’s seeing more fame as a streamer than he would have as a professional player.

We’ll be going in depth regarding the four major reasons why Tyler1 didn’t join a professional team and instead decided to be a streamer.

Tyler1’s Toxic Past

The first reason Tyler1 likely refuses to join a professional team is his tendency to become really toxic and hyperactive, Although this is seen as an advantage in streaming since it makes his content more entertaining, the same can’t be said for if he had been a professional player.

As a matter of fact, Tyler has even gotten his League of Legends account banned in the past because of this same toxic behavior. While he has indeed improved a lot in this aspect, there are still glimpses of the past Tyler1, and we believe that’s what he fears. All it takes is one slip up as a professional player and his entire career will be in jeopardy.

Professional teams typically prioritize positive attitudes and sportsmanship, and Tyler1's past behavior could have raised concerns about team dynamics and potential PR issues. As a streamer, however, Tyler1 is able to do whatever he wants and act however he wants. This might have made Tyler decide to not join a professional team and instead continue being a streamer.

Streaming Gives Him More Financial Stability

While joining a professional team is indeed a well paying job, the fact of the matter is that there isn’t really enough financial stability or job security. There are always new players popping up around the world, and all it takes is one bad game for the coach to replace a professional player with another one.

Why would Tyler leave his well paying job as a streamer for something this unexpected and unreliable? We’re sure Tyler1, being as popular and well liked as he is in the streaming community, makes more than enough to live comfortably with all the donations, sponsorship deals, and Twitch subscriptions.

By focusing on his streaming career, he has the opportunity to entertain and interact with his fans directly, build his personal brand, and take that brand in whatever direction he wants. This isn’t the case with playing for a professional team that already has its own brand image the players have to follow.

Independence and Flexibility

Being a professional player isn’t easy at all. You have to go to various tournaments around the world and base your schedule around important matches, training sessions, and mandatory interview sessions. This leaves little time for a person to just sit back and relax or pursue hobbies.

Well, that isn’t the case with content creation. As a streamer, Tyler1 is able to build his own schedule and be his own boss. If he ever feels like not streaming, he can just let his fans know that he’s changing his schedule and not have to face any repercussions for it.

For someone like Tyler1, who enjoys the freedom to create content on his own terms and maintain a flexible schedule, the idea of being tied to a team and its obligations may not have been as appealing.

Personal Preference

Finally, there’s also the possibility that pursuing a career as a professional player and playing for a professional team simply didn’t appeal to him. You have to understand that while there are many people around the world who would trade an arm just to get an opportunity to play for a professional team, not everyone is like that.

As we already said before, a professional player’s job isn’t easy, and it comes with a lot of hard work and stress. It's possible that Tyler1 simply prefers the lifestyle and opportunities that come with being a streamer and content creator. After all, he’s able to entertain his massive fan base by simply being himself and putting his personality on display for others to see.

This allows him to diversify his content, maintain creative autonomy, and engage with a broader audience. Pursuing a professional career in esports may not align with his personal interests or aspirations. Another example of a popular streamer who thinks like this is Pokimane, who many believe is boosted in Valorant.

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