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Valorant Best 1v5 Agent

Valorant Best 1v5 Agent

Valorant has a pretty diverse cast of agents. However, all of them have different strengths and weaknesses, which makes it so they're able to shine in different situations. With that being said, what do you do when you find yourself in a 1v5 situation? Which agent do you want on your side for a favorable outcome? Well, we're here to tackle just that.

Of course, every agent can theoretically do a 1v5 as long as the player has good skills. However, we've shortlisted four agents who have the best chance of being able to successfully pull off a 1v5. Those agents are Reyna, Sage, Jett, and Killjoy. Naturally, we'll also be going through why we believe they're the cream of the crop.

If you've been looking for the best 1v5 agents in Valorant then you're at the right spot because that's exactly what we're going through today.


Valorant Best 1v5 Agent - Image 1

Reyna is BY FAR the best agent to be playing as if you want to pull off a 1v5 in Valorant. Why? Well, for starters, her entire kit is practically made for clutch situations. Perhaps the best example of this is her 'Devour' ability. While it used to be even more overpowered in the past so Riot had to nerf it, it's still a major tool to have when clutching.

So, what does it do? Well, Reyna's Devour ability allows her to consume the soul orb of a defeated enemy, instantly restoring her health. This self healing ability provides her with the opportunity to quickly recover health after eliminating an opponent, allowing her to stay alive longer during a series of engagements. No other agent in Valorant comes close to being as self-sufficient as her, which is why she's also the best agent for solo queue.

Of course, that isn't all she has. She also has the Dismiss ability which allows her to become briefly invulnerable and quickly reposition herself. If too many people rush her at once, she could just use her Leer ability to send out an eye- shaped projectile that blinds enemies in its line of sight. That's right, Reyna gives a whole new meaning to the third eye.


Valorant Best 1v5 Agent - Image 2

Hey, Sage isn't too shabby when it comes to pulling off 1v5 clutch aces either. She is considered a strong agent for 1v5 scenarios due to her unique set of abilities that provide both defensive and healing capabilities. While her self sufficiency isn't anywhere near Reyna, it's still good enough to get her out of some tight situations.

Sage's primary ability is "Healing Orb," which allows her to heal herself and her teammates. In a 1v5 situation, being able to heal herself after taking damage can extend her longevity and give her more opportunities to eliminate opponents. As long as you're able to find some breathing room to heal up a little, you should be able to keep the fight going.

The other ability that makes her extremely valuable in a 1v5 is one that technically changes the scales to a 2v5. We are, of course, talking about her resurrection ability. It is one of the most impactful in the game as it allows her to revive a fallen teammate, effectively bringing the numbers back in her favor temporarily. Now, it won't exactly make things fair, but it's better than the alternative, right?


Valorant Best 1v5 Agent - Image 3

Whereas the other two agents on this list rely more on staying alive, Jett's kit focuses more on her taking the enemy down quickly and cleanly to survive a 1v5. Jett is often considered a strong agent for clutching 1v5 situations in Valorant due to several key attributes and abilities that make her an exceptional solo player.

First of all, we have her agility and overall mobility. As a matter of fact, Jett's mobility is her most defining feature. With her "Updraft" ability, she can quickly reposition herself, reach elevated spots, and escape dangerous situations. 

Additionally, her "Tailwind" ability allows her to dash away from danger or engage enemies unexpectedly. This mobility gives her a significant advantage when facing multiple opponents, as she can maneuver around the map to isolate enemies and take them on one at a time.

Jett's kit also allows her to function effectively without much reliance on her teammates. Her ability to sustain herself in fights and evade enemies means she doesn't necessarily need support from her team to execute clutch plays. Basically, the name of the game is to take one enemy player out and move on to the next. Just remember to hide your Valorant chat to ensure your team doesn't distract you.


Valorant Best 1v5 Agent - Image 4

We've gone over agents who focus on defense and agents who focus on offense. Well, what about an agent that's able to do both at once? Enter Killjoy, who's able to 1v5 clutch situations thanks to her unique abilities and playstyle. To be more specific, Killjoy's kit revolves around setting up various devices that can control and deny areas.

Her Alarmbot can detect enemies within its range and slow them down, giving you valuable information about enemy positions. The Nanoswarm is an excellent zoning tool that can deal significant damage to enemies who enter its area, discouraging them from pushing. These abilities can be strategically placed to create obstacles for the enemy team and limit their movements, giving you an advantage in a 1v5 situation.

Killjoy's Turret is an autonomous device that can shoot at enemies within its line of sight. When you're alone in a 1v5, having a Turret as an extra set of eyes and firepower can be a game changer. The Turret can reveal enemy positions, deal damage, and potentially secure a kill or two, making it harder for the enemy team to overwhelm you.

Finally, Killjoy's ultimate is a game changer, By using it, players can detain all enemies caught within its radius for a short duration, leaving them vulnerable to your team's attacks. In a 1v5 scenario, catching multiple enemies with Lockdown can create an opportunity for you to eliminate them one by one while they are unable to defend themselves effectively.

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