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Valorant Best Agents for Solo Queue 2023


Valorant might be primarily a team based game. However, a bunch of players would rather play the game alone in solo queue than play with friends, and there’s nothing wrong with that! However, the fact of the matter is that it’s crucial to change your agent selection if you want to be able to play well without having to rely on anyone else.

Of course, what agent you play doesn’t necessarily matter as long as you play well. Regardless, we’ve shortlisted six of the best agents to play in solo queue. These agents include Reyna, Jett, Phoenix, Omen, Chamber, and Cypher. Naturally, we’ll also be going through why they’re so good in solo queue.

If you’ve been wondering what agents you should play in Valorant solo queue then look no further because that’s exactly what we’re about to go through.


First up is Reyna. We would actually go as far as to say that Reyna is the best agent you can play in Valorant solo queue. Why? Well, Reyna is the epitome of self sufficiency in Valorant. Her abilities revolve around harvesting the souls of defeated enemies, providing self-healing and invulnerability through her Dismiss and Empress ultimate. 

Reyna excels at aggressive plays, with her Leer ability granting her vision control in tight situations. In solo queue, where team synergy might be lacking, Reyna can single handedly sway the tide of battle by securing eliminations and healing herself after each kill. Her self empowering nature makes her a popular choice for players who prefer a more self reliant approach.

Of course, you’ll have to rely heavily on your own aim too otherwise you won’t be able to get any frags. However, as long as you’re good enough when it comes to using a gun, you should have no problem surviving alone.


Up next is Jett, who is arguably the most well known agent in Valorant since she’s in literally every poster (or at least that’s what it seems like). Jett's mobility and precision make her an excellent choice for solo queue players who enjoy a more independent playstyle. 

With her Updraft and Tailwind abilities, she can maneuver through the battlefield with ease, avoiding sticky situations or repositioning for the perfect shot. Jett's ultimate, the Blade Storm, transforms her into a formidable solo sniper, rewarding accurate shots with resets and keeping the pressure on her foes. 

For players who value individual skill and map control, Jett can be a force to be reckoned with. Perhaps the favorite strat for solo Jett players is to wait for eco rounds and then use Jett’s ultimate to make a huge impact in the match. Just know whether you want to use hold or toggle for your scope.


Phoenix is a well rounded agent designed for self sustainability and entry fragging. Hey, he’s been in Valorant from the start, so it’s only right that we place him on this list and give him his chance to shine, right? 

His signature ability, the Curveball, provides a great way to check corners and disorient opponents. With that being said, it's his self healing ability, the Hot Hands, that sets him apart for solo queue. This ability allows Phoenix to recover health after engagements, making him more self-reliant during aggressive pushes. 

Additionally, his ultimate, Run It Back, provides an extra life, allowing players to take more significant risks and gather valuable information for their team. Perhaps the biggest downside to his ultimate is that it requires another player to watch your back if you want to get the most out of it. However, it’s still a more than useful technique.


Hey, how could we forget Omen, the Phantom of Memory? Omen offers excellent utility and unpredictability, making him a great pick for solo queue. His Paranoia can clear angles and disrupt opponents, while his Shrouded Step allows him to take advantageous positions and reposition silently. 

His ultimate, From the Shadows, grants him global map presence, allowing players to gather intel or make crucial flanks. Omen's ability to disrupt the enemy team and set up plays on his own makes him a formidable agent in solo queue scenarios.

Unfortunately, one other huge use of Omen’s ult is players can use it as an information gathering tool. However, that isn’t really too much of an option in solo queue, but it can still make a huge difference in the course of the match depending on how the player uses it.


Ah yes, remember Chamber? He used to be one of the most used agents in all of Valorant until Riot decided to nerf him into oblivion. Fortunately, it’s still more than possible to play as him in solo queue. On the contrary, he’s actually able to thrive in solo queue as long as you play him the right way.

Headhunter can get some major frags in, Tour de Force is as powerful as it was in the past, and his Trademark/Rendezvous combo can let you either keep an eye out for flanks or teleport away from dangerous situations. If you're looking for a player that is able to survive without any help then you HAVE to mention Chamber.


The last agent we want to go through just has to be Cypher. Although traditionally considered a more supportive agent, Cypher's versatility and map control abilities make him a potent force in solo queue. 

With his Spycam, Trapwires, and Cyber Cage, he can hold down areas, gather intel, and stop enemies from pushing. His Neural Theft ultimate can provide valuable information on enemy positions, giving him an edge in clutch situations. While Cypher may require more map knowledge and planning than some other agents, his self reliant playstyle and ability to gather information make him an invaluable asset in solo queue.

Basically, he’s the perfect fit for solo players who like to sneak around the map while making a huge impact in the course of every round. The hero from the darkness if you will.

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