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Valorant: Scope Hold vs Toggle Which One is Better for You?

Valorant: Scope Hold vs Toggle Which One is Better for You?

Valorant might look like any other generic FPS at first, but there are so many features unique to it that it has been able to make a name for itself on its own. However, one feature that every FPS game shares is how you can choose how you want to play the game. Well, the option we want to highlight today is whether to choose between scope hold or toggle.

Now, there are two major ways to play with a scope in Valorant. The hold mode has you hold the left button on your mouse if you want to aim and release it if you want to stop aiming. However, the toggle option is very different. With it enabled, you only have to click the right button on your mouse once to aim, and then once more to stop aiming. 

We're here today to go through the differences between both of these modes to help you determine the best scope mode for you.

What is the Difference Between Scope Hold and Toggle

First-person view through a sniper scope in a tactical shooter game

Scope hold and toggle are two distinct options that significantly impact gameplay and player experience in Valorant. Before you go and practice in the best aim labs maps for 2023, you have to know what option you want to choose. Therefore, we felt as though it was important to go through both of these scope types one by one to ensure we were all on the same page.

What is Scope Hold in Valorant?

Detailed video game control settings interface with key bindings

When utilizing the scope hold feature, players must physically hold down the right mouse button throughout the duration of aiming down the sights. This requirement adds a layer of realism and immersion to the game, as it closely mimics the actions required to maintain a scoped view in real life. By continuously holding the right mouse button, players have more control over the scope's zoom level, enabling precise adjustments to their aim. This heightened level of control can be particularly advantageous when attempting to hit targets at long distances or aiming for precise headshots.

Moreover, the scope hold option offers the benefit of a seamless transition between scoped and unscoped views. Releasing the right mouse button instantly returns the player to their regular field of vision, allowing for rapid adjustments and quick responses in close quarters combat scenarios. This quick transition can be vital when faced with sudden threats or when players need to swiftly adapt to changing situations on the battlefield.

What is Scope Toggle in Valorant?

Detailed control settings menu for video game showing weapon actions and equipment management

On the other hand, scope toggle offers an alternative approach to sniping in Valorant. Instead of continuously holding down the right mouse button, players only need to press it once to activate the scope and again to deactivate it. This feature alleviates the physical strain on the player's hand and fingers, as they do not have to maintain constant pressure on the right mouse button. This can be particularly advantageous during prolonged periods of scoped aiming, preventing discomfort and potential hand fatigue that may impact a player's performance.

Additionally, the scope toggle option can help players maintain focus and reduce distraction. By eliminating the need to concentrate on holding down the right mouse button, players can allocate more mental energy to analyzing their surroundings, tracking enemy movements, and making strategic decisions. This enhanced focus can give players an edge in competitive gameplay, allowing them to react swiftly to emerging threats or take advantage of openings presented by their opponents.

Which is Better?

First-person view in a tactical shooter game, player aiming at an enemy

Now that you know the differences between scope hold and toggle, which one is better? Well, determining which option is better ultimately depends on the individual player's preferences, playstyle, and physical abilities. There is no definitive "better" choice as both options have their distinct advantages and potential drawbacks.

For players who prioritize control and precision, scope hold may be the preferred option. By continuously holding down the right mouse button, players can finely adjust their aim and maintain a steady scope zoom level. This heightened control is particularly beneficial when engaging targets at longer distances or aiming for critical headshots when camping in one of the 13 best camping spots. Additionally, the quick transition between scoped and unscoped views by simply releasing the right mouse button allows for rapid adaptation to close-quarters combat situations. This versatility can give players a tactical edge, allowing them to swiftly switch between different shooting styles and adjust their strategies on the fly.

On the other hand, scope toggle appeals to players seeking comfort and reduced finger fatigue during prolonged sniping sessions. With scope toggle, players only need to press the right mouse button once to activate the scope and again to deactivate it. This option alleviates the physical strain of holding down the button continuously, which can be beneficial for players who experience hand fatigue or discomfort. Furthermore, scope toggle allows players to maintain focus and concentration by eliminating the need to concentrate on finger placement. This enhanced focus can lead to improved situational awareness, quicker decision-making, and better overall performance in intense gameplay scenarios.

We recommend players experiment with both scope hold and toggle, to find the option that feels most natural and effective for their specific playstyle and physical capabilities. Some players may find that scope hold offers the necessary precision and control to excel in sniping situations, while others may prefer the comfort and sustained focus provided by scope toggle.

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What Do Most Professional Players Prefer?

Young man with headphones and microphone indoors

Now, yes, we did say above that the option of choosing between hold and toggle is subjective, but we thought we'd go through what some of the professionals had to say about it. Well, if you gathered ten professionals in a room and asked them which scope type they preferred, nine of them would say they prefer to hold.

Now, why is this? Well, with the hold option, you take away all distractions and pretty much streamline the process of scoping and going out of scope. Additionally, there's also the fact that other FPS games also use the scope hold option as the default one. Take Shroud for example. Because he's so used to playing CS:GO, he instantly gravitated toward using the hold scope mode in Valorant because the two games are so similar. 

Of course, we're talking about professionals here, and their playstyle must be very different from regular players. However, if you want, you can also be a professional at using the Marshall or the OP.

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