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13 Best Camping Spots in Valorant

13 Best Camping Spots in Valorant

Camping is perhaps one of the most important mechanics in an online FPS game like Valorant. There's nothing like sitting in a safe spot as you wait for enemies to show up so you could take them down one by one. However, not every spot is good for camping, as many of them can, in fact, increase the chances of you getting gunned down too.

There are many good camping spots in Valorant, but we're here to highlight thirteen of the best of them. We have two very good camping spots for maps such as Ascent, Icebox, and Breeze. We also have one very good camping spot from the map Fracture, and all the spots we mention deserve to be considered the best in the game and will also work in Immortal rank.

We'll be going through 13 of the best camping spots in Valorant to ensure you're able to camp without a worry in the world in your next match.

#13: Bind - Showers

First person view in a shooter game with HUD elements displayed

The first camping spot in Valorant we want to highlight is from the map Bind. You might have seen other players camping in the shower spot on this map, specifically from the attacker's side. This is because this is one of the most popular camping spots in the game.


By positioning yourself near the entrance of Showers, you can catch enemies off guard as they push into the site. You can also use the wall and boxes for cover, only peaking out when enemies approach. This will give you the advantage of surprise.

#12: Bind - B Side Hookah

First-person view inside a video game with a tactical map and weapon ready

One more camping spot from the map Bind is the B Side Hookah. To be more specific, this is one of the best ambushing spots on the entire map. You can set up an ambush for enemies trying to push into the site. What's more, is that you can also use the boxes as cover to ensure you're as hidden as possible.

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#11: Haven - A Sight Heaven

Player navigating through a strategic map in a tactical shooter game

The best thing about the A Sight Heaven camping spot in the Haven map is that it gives the player an elevated position. As Obi Wan Kenobi once said, the high ground. Because of this, any time someone pops in and tries to push the point, you could simply gun them down before they even see you.

#10: Haven - C Site Garage

First-person viewpoint in a shooter game with map and HUD display

The second camping spot from Haven we want to highlight is the C Site Garage area. Because it's such a narrow choke point, it's possible to take advantage of the limited entrances to set up a good ambush point. Grab a teammate or two and it's possible to completely lock down the C Site to stop it from being pushed.

#9: Split - A Site Heaven

Player holding a pistol in a first-person shooter game with futuristic urban map layout

Now for the Split map in Valorant. The first camping spot we want to highlight is the A site heaven. Because it's so elevated, it's very much possible to gun down anyone who comes in your sights without them even knowing you're there in the first place.

#8: Split - B Site Vent

First-person view of a player holding a rifle in a competitive shooter game

The second camping spot from the Split map is the B Site vent. By hiding inside the vent, it's possible for defenders to take down any attacker trying to rotate around. However, it's very important to be alert in this specific camping spot and to use your hearing to ensure you don't miss anyone.

#7: Ascent - A Site Rafters

First-person view in a tactical shooter game showing a weapon ready to fire

Rafters on A Site in Ascent is a spot that offers a strategic vantage point. By camping on the rafters, you can gain a superior position and control the flow of enemies entering the site. Keep an eye on multiple angles and utilize your elevated position to take down unsuspecting foes.

#6: Ascent - Mid Market

Picturesque European-style alley with bar and mural

The Mid Market in the Ascent market is a spot that connects both sides of the map. Therefore, it's a prime camping spot to pick off players trying to go from one side to the other. Add in the fact that there are boxes and other things you can use for cover, and you have yourself one of the safer spots on this list.

#5: Icebox - A Site Yellow

First-person view of a player in a futuristic shooter game on an icy map

Yellow, the container near the A Site in the Icebox map, provides some much needed cover as you camp inside of it. If you're smart about it, you could also use some unexpected angles to get the drop on enemy agents.

#4: Icebox - B Site Snowman

Player encountering a snowman in a video game

The Snowman in the B Site of the Icebox map can also serve as a very good camping spot because it proves players with some mandatory cover. By taking cover behind the Snowman, you can catch enemies off guard as they push through. Just be sure to stay alert at all times.

#3: Breeze - A Site Tower

Aerial view of a futuristic outdoor combat arena marked with point A

The Tower on A Site in Breeze is the next camping spot on this list. By camping within the Tower, you gain a significant height advantage, allowing you to pick off enemies with ease. The one thing you have to be careful of, however, is the fact that it's very easy to flank this spot without the camper knowing.

#2: Breeze - B Site Stairs

Aerial view of a futuristic medieval castle environment with vines and tropical plants

The second camping spot from the Breeze map we want to go through is the B Site stairs. Because it's such a narrow passageway that leads to B Site on Breeze, it's more than possible to hold angles that take full advantage of the limited entrances.

#1: Fracture - A Site Generator

Futuristic urban scene with modern buildings and lush greenery

The last camping spot we're going through on this list is in the Fracture map. As you might have noticed, this is the only map with only one spot mentioned, and that's because the A Site generator is the best camping spot on this map period. As a defender, you can camp near the generator all the while using it as cover to secure kills and defend the site. 

Pair this amazing camping spot with one of the best team compositions for Valorant Act 6 and you should be golden.

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