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Best Team Comps for Valorant Act 6 Ranked


Valorant has been out for quite a while now, with it currently being on Act 6. Well, if you’ve been a Valorant player for a while now, then you’ll know that every time there’s a new Act, the meta of which team composition is good changes because of the buffs or nerfs made to specific agent utilities or weapons.

The best team comp for Valorant in Act 6 typically depends on what map you’re playing, but we still want to highlight two of the consistently best compositions for you guys. The first team composition consists of Fade, Chamber, Omen, Raze, and Breach, while the second composition is Viper, Chamber, Sova, Jett, and KAY/O.

We’ll be going in depth regarding both of these team comps, including why they’re so good as well as some strategies you might want to use when your team is using this comp.

Composition #1: Fade, Chamber, Omen, Raze, and Breach

The first team composition consists of Fade, Chamber, Omen, Raze, and Breach. If you’ve been watching professional Valorant tournaments then you might recognize this composition from there, since teams like FNATIC, Team Liquid, XSET have used this team composition before to make some insane plays in competitive matches.

Although this team comp does have a number of different potential strategies you can utilize, almost all of them revolve around the two initiators and Raze, and the map this team comp seems to work the best is Haven. This is mostly because Haven has multiple choke points that can be capitalized on by using this specific team comp.

Why Fade? Well, because of her extremely high potential to see over cover using her Haunt ability in order to pick enemy agents off when they least suspect it. She can also capitalize on choke points the best out of all the agents, mostly because of her Sieze. Pair her up with someone like Raze and her paint shells and you have yourself a recipe for disaster.

Now, we know that Breach is the odd one out in this composition as he isn’t used nearly as much as the other four, but hear us out. Because every lane in Haven is conveniently the exact same width as his Fault Line, he can use his utility to its maximum potential by helping his teammates out regardless of where on the map they are. Pair this with his flashpoint being the perfect utility for retakes, and you have yourself the perfect support for your team composition.

Composition #2: Viper, Chamber, Sova, Jett, and KAY/O

The second best team composition to use in Valorant Act 6 is definitely Viper, Chamber, Sova, Jett, and KAY/O. This is another team comp that might surprise many, but the more you learn about the potential strategies you can use when your team is utilizing this team comp, the more you’ll see why it deserves to be played more competitively.

Now, that isn’t to say this team comp isn’t used at all competitively. As a matter of fact, back in Champions, this composition was used by both OpTic and BOOM Esports in which BOOM managed to come out on top. This should already give you an idea of how much potential this specific team composition has.

When it comes to the map this team comp dominates the most, we have to go with Breeze. Perhaps the most important agent for you to pick in this map is Viper mostly because of her toxic screen. Basically, without Viper, this team composition falls apart because then there won’t be any major offensive powerhouse to rely on.

Aside from Viper, Chamber is great to play as well because of his attribute toward long sight lines. Sova’s Owl Drone can be used alongside Ultimate Orbs to maximize both of their maximum potentials, and Jett is great for taking early fights to tilt the tide of the round in your team’s favor early on. Finally, Kay/O is great for countering some of the most picked agents, especially on a map like Breeze. We’re talking Viper with her poison cloud, and Sova with her Owl Drone.

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