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League of Legends: Ezreal Receives Substantial AD Buffs

League of Legends: Ezreal Receives Substantial AD Buffs

In a bid to rejuvenate Ezreal's standing in the League of Legends meta, Riot Games has introduced a significant set of buffs on the Public Beta Environment (PBE). The Prodigal Explorer has been languishing in a less-than-ideal state since the inception of the new season, with a win rate hovering around 47% even after a recent hotfix.

The upcoming changes, however, aim to elevate Ezreal's performance and address the player base's concerns. The buffs primarily focus on amplifying his late-game prowess, offering improvements to his Q, W, and ultimate abilities. The changes are focused on buffing the AD ratios countering the increasing shift towards AP off-meta builds.

So before you jump right onto locking Ezreal for your next game. let's have a look at the detailed changes. 

Q - Mystic Shot


Video game character using a special attack in a virtual jungle environment


A modest yet welcomed adjustment has been made to Ezreal's Q ability. The Attack Damage (AD) ratio has been increased from 130% to 135%. While this may seem like a subtle modification, its impact is expected to be more pronounced during the late game, particularly when Ezreal accumulates a substantial amount of AD.


W - Essence Flux

The most substantial alteration comes to Ezreal's W ability, Essence Flux. Previously scaling with only 60% of his bonus AD, the buff now sees it scaling with the full 100% bonus AD. This adjustment is poised to make a notable difference in the late game, especially when paired with a Trinity Force-enhanced Mystic Shot.

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Ultimate - Trueshot Barrage


Ezreal launching his ultimate ability, Trueshot Barrage, in a game


Ezreal's ultimate ability, Trueshot Barrage, receives the most significant improvements. Both the base damage and AD ratio have been augmented to grant Ezreal a more formidable late-game presence. The base damage now ramps up to 525 and 700 from the previous 350, 500, and 650. 


Moreover, the AD ratio sees an increase from 100% to an impressive 120%. These changes translate to over 100 additional damage for both the ult and W in late-game scenarios with a full build.

Related: League of Legends: Twisted Fate AD Crit Build Gets Huge Buff.

While the buffs are skewed toward the late game and reward skilled play, they could potentially provide Ezreal with the tools needed to reclaim his former glory. Players are advised to hone their skill shot accuracy and strategize for late-game scenarios to capitalize on these substantial improvements.

With these adjustments currently on the PBE, the League of Legends community eagerly awaits the next patch to see whether Ezreal can ascend from his current D-tier status and become a force to be reckoned with once again.


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