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League of Legends: Twisted Fate AD Crit Build Gets Huge Buff

League of Legends: Twisted Fate AD Crit Build Gets Huge Buff

In a surprising twist of fate, Riot Games has just unveiled a major transformation for Twisted Fate, turning the tides on the viability of an AD crit build. The champion's abilities, excluding the Ult, have undergone a significant revamp, offering League of Legends players a thrilling new playstyle to explore.

Notable changes include adjusted base attack speed, a crit-compatible passive, and enhanced W card abilities. These alterations promise a dynamic and engaging playstyle, injecting new life into the champion's playset for League of Legends players.

These changes have turned the tables on those who doubted the feasibility of AD Twisted Fate. This mini-rework has reshaped his core abilities, creating a synergy that caters specifically to an AD crit build. Here's a comprehensive breakdown of the changes:

Twisted Fate AD Crit Changes


In-game screenshot displaying card selection abilities


1. Base Attack Speed and Scaling Adjustments

 Riot has reduced Twisted Fate's base attack speed and attack scaling per level, making the transition to an AD build more challenging. However, the compensatory factor lies in the potential power of the AD build.

2. Revamped Passive for Crits

Twisted Fate's passive now harmonizes with crits, offering double the passive gold if a crit lands. The gold amounts vary, providing an extra layer of strategy for players to master.

3. Q Ability Scaling with Bonus AD

The Q ability, which traditionally scaled with AP, now scales with a 50% bonus AD, providing a considerable advantage in the late game for those embracing an AD crit approach.

4. Enhanced W Card Abilities

Twisted Fate's W cards now boast increased damage based on his crit chains ratio. Each card has its own unique impact, with the blue card offering the most damage and the gold card the least, introducing a strategic depth to the AD crit build.

5. Expanded Card Functionality

The cards now have an extended reach, working not only on towers but also on inhibitors in the Nexus. Additionally, locking in a card resets Twisted Fate's auto-attack timer, optimizing his gameplay and creating room for seamless combos.

6. E Ability Upgrade

The E ability provides a higher bonus attack speed, reaching up to 60% instead of the previous 40%. With a bonus AD ratio of 75%, this enhancement amplifies Twisted Fate's potential in both AD and AP builds.

7. Post-Death Deck Stacking

Upon respawning, players now spawn with a fully stacked deck in the base, offering a strategic advantage for Twisted Fate mains in planning their next move.

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How to master Twisted Fate's new playstyle?


Fantasy cowboy casting a magic spell with a glowing hand


To assist players in mastering the intricacies of this revamped AD crit build, we recommend seeking professional guidance from Eloking, a renowned source for top-tier League of Legends coaching. Use the code "BoostToday" to unlock a 20% discount on your coaching sessions, providing an extra incentive for those ready to embark on this new Twisted Fate adventure.


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Riot Games' bold move in reshaping Twisted Fate's abilities for an AD crit build has opened up exciting possibilities. The dynamic changes not only breathe new life into a previously overlooked playstyle but also present a fresh challenge for players to master. 

As the League of Legends community braces for these transformative shifts, the question remains - will AD Twisted Fate emerge as the new standard? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain, the cards have been reshuffled, and a thrilling game of strategy awaits those daring enough to embrace the AD crit journey.


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