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How to Bunny Hop in CS2 2023


The much-awaited Counter Strike 2 has finally made an appearance, and with it have come multiple features that have also been present in previous CS entries. However, one of the main questions that is on many players' minds is whether bunny hopping is a thing in CS2, and if yes then how to master it? 

To bunny hop in CS2, you have to hold the W key to make your character move forward. While moving forward, jump, and press either the left or right strafe key while your character is in the air all the while moving your mouse according to the strafe key you press (right for D and left for A). Finally, just as you’re about to land, press the jump button again at the perfect time. Repeat this to bunny hop.

Below you’ll find the advantages of bunny hopping in CS2 as well as a step by step guide on how to pull it off.

Advantages of Bunny Hopping in CS2

As mentioned above, bunny hopping is a trick a bunch of players use, so there must be a reason they use it, right? Well, bunny hopping (or b hopping) basically means to jump continuously while moving right and left in the air at the right time. The feel of it might be a little different because of the change in CS2’s tick rate, but the way it works is the same.

Of course, we’ll be going in depth on how you can do it for yourself in just a bit, but let us go through some of the advantages first. There are two advantages, in particular, we want to highlight.

The first one, and the reason most players even use this trick is the fact that players can go from point A to point B faster if they bunny hop there. To put things into perspective, a lot of players assume that running with a knife equipped is the fastest a player can run with a velocity of 250, when, while bunny hopping, players in CS2 can go at a max velocity of 320.

The second and more obvious advantage is that bunny hopping makes you a harder target to hit for the enemy. This is because you’re constantly on the move, jumping and moving around. 

How to Bunny Hop in CS2

Now that you know why players like to bunny hope and why you should do it too in CS2, let us go through how you could do it. Bunny hopping is a rather technical trick, and as such requires you to get adjusted to the timing of the jumps and the direction you have to move your mouse in. Therefore, we’ll be going in a step by step method to easily explain how to bunny hop in CS2.

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is to ensure the space you’re practicing bunny hopping has enough space. Although professionals can manage to bunny hop in whatever location they’re at, since you’re starting out you should do so in a place that’s neither too narrow nor too short. When you’ve found a good place to practice, start moving forward.

Step 2

While moving forward, you want to start jumping too. Every time you jump, press either the right or left strafe key to make your character move toward that side. If the first time you press the right strafe key, then the next time you jump you have to press the left strafe key. Keep alternating between the two until you’ve gotten the hang of it.

After getting a bit used to alternating between the strafe keys every time you jump, you now need to implement mouse movement as well. Every time you move right during a jump, make your mouse move to the right as well, and every time you move left during a jump, make your mouse move left as well.

Step 3

Now comes the final and most difficult step of bunny hopping in CS2, which is timing your jumps. You have to time your jump in a way that you press the jump button just as you’re about to land so the contact your character makes with the ground is as short as possible.

If you don’t get this step down the first time, then don’t worry. Bunny hopping is a mechanic that takes some time and practice to get used to, and it’s largely because of players not being able to time their jumps properly. 

When you do get the steps down, however, then all you need to do to bunny hop is repeat these same three steps to gradually increase your movement speed.

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