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Act: What is an act in Valorant?

Valorant is a game that has been going strong for a while now, but have you ever wondered why that is? Well, because of the new acts and episodes that are added to make the game, fresh for old players and attractive to new ones.

An act is a competitive timeframe; when it begins, it brings with it new content such as potential characters, maps, and a guaranteed new battle pass with all new rewards. Similarly, when it ends, so does the battle pass of that specific act.

What is the importance of acts?

As mentioned before, acts are a way to keep the game from getting repetitive. As soon as an act ends, players are given an act badge on their player card, depending on what rank they get. The ranks are then reset, and players have to play their placement matches again to decide their starting rank for the act (which is almost always the same rank they ended on in the last act, though it might shift upwards or downwards slightly).

Three acts make up a season and are around two months long, with all of them containing anywhere between three or five patches and updates. When the third act of a season ends, a cinematic video is released that adds to the Valorant lore.

As for how many acts have been released so far, the game is currently on its 14th act, with the 15th one slated to come soon. The current act is the second act of the fifth episode titled ‘Dimension’, which brought with it a new map called Pearl. If you aren’t yet familiar with it or are having problems defending the map properly, then read how to defend Pearl in Valorant.

What’s next?

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