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How To Defend Pearl in Valorant

How To Defend Pearl in Valorant
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Pearl Defense Guide

When does Pearl go live in comp?

Pearl goes live in competitive on 12/07/2022

How to Win Defense on Pearl:

Pearl seems like a difficult map to defend. Currently, it is very rush-prone. Pearl is a map with many close angles that are great for shotguns and the long angles don't have excellent cover. It is as if Icebox and Split had a lovechild.

Should you play for mid-control on Pearl?

Both teams should vie for mid-control. However, do not mistake this for being a position that the attackers will invest heavily into. Mid is important for them but competent players will not be rushing as 5 down mid, as it is a poor place to execute onto a site from, which we'll get into in our Pearl Attack Guide. As a defender it is far easier to retake the site on Pearl if you have maintained mid-control, this is because mid-control is pivotal for the post-plant set ups for Attackers on Pearl, especially toward A. It also creates useful opportunities for your lurker to do some serious work.

If you are going to play mid-on defence, we recommend either playing a sentinel such as Killjoy or Cypher or playing a controller such as Brimstone or Omen. This is depending on your playstyle, if you prefer to aggressively fight for space or enable your team to do so, play a controller. You can achieve this aggression with Brim and Omen, you can also achieve it if you get creative with some Viper walls like the ones depicted below.

Overview of a tactical FPS game map with waypoints and strategies


A sentinel is best for a more passive player; you can easily lock down the two choke points in mid with utility. If you're in a stack you could even bait an enemy team into pushing a certain way by investing your utility more heavily on one side/lane of mid, as long as you maintain control of mid connector.

We speculate that you won't have to worry about B Link very much as time goes on. It's one of the worst areas in the game for attackers to push through, even vs 1 defender. This is due to all of the tight angles, making it easy to hold with a shotgun and basic utility setups. A more likely occurrence is the occasional lurker that will try to push through it but like mid on Icebox this will probably be a wildcard moment.

How to defend A on Pearl?

A is a sentinel site, KJ and Viper are both effective choices for a solo player. You'l find that most of your resources will be over on the B side, especially if you don't have an OP. This is because the B side is the easiest site for the attackers to rush on to. So it's highly likely that you'll be running only 1-2 players near A site. Due to this, you want to have powerful utility to slow down the attacking team if they chose A.

Any sentinel is a great choice for this site but Killjoy and Viper are our favourite choices for an A anchor. Why? Their ultimates.

Both KJ and Viper's ultimate are brilliant on A for retake or preventative defence.

Viper's pit can lock down A main and link. Pair that with some snakebites and the defenders will think twice about running in.

A-Main is hard to hold, in terms of choke points it's pretty wide; the average radius of utility doesn't cover the whole path. There also isn't a great crossfire either. Attackers can walk in and clear the righthand side without having to worry about exposing themselves to the Link player.

First-person view in a shooter game showing a weapon and a detailed game map


That being said, if you play dugout, you can create a crossfire with another play who is tucked in the A site corner.