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CS2 Weekly Drop System Explained

CS2 Weekly Drop System Explained

Nothing beats getting some good drops in CS2 that you can either flex with in front of other players or instantly sell in the marketplace for some quick cash. Perhaps the most reliable way of getting drops is the weekly drop system in CS2. Don't know how it works? Well, don't worry because that's what we're here for.

While in the past players were able to get a drop once a week by spending a specific amount of time while playing on official servers, the system has since then been changed. Now, players have to level up once if they want to get a drop. Simply level up once a week for a confirmed drop. This drop is a random item that can either be a skin or graffiti.

Today, we'll be going through everything you need to know about the weekly drop system in CS2, including what you can potentially get and how it works.

What is the Weekly Drop System?

Now, the weekly drop system is something Valve has come up with to reward players who consistently log in to the game to play. By using this system, players are able to get a guaranteed item drop once a week by doing certain actions. 

What you get from the weekly drop is never guaranteed. However, you always get either a skin or graffiti. Naturally, most players cross their fingers and hope they get a good skin, as graffiti skins just aren't as valuable 

With that being said, you should keep in mind that you can't get a skin that's way too expensive. This means you shouldn't go around expecting to potentially win a skin worth a hundred or so bucks.

How Does the Weekly Drop System Work?

Now that you know the basics of what the weekly drop system is, how does it work? Well, if you've been playing CS2 for a while, then you might remember the old weekly drop system which was removed in a 2022 update. Before the update, players had to simply play on official servers for a specific amount of time and they eventually for a drop.

However, the issue with this system was that many players started exploiting the afk Deathmatch trick. As the name suggests, players would simply go afk for a prolonged period of time in Deathmatch games and get their weekly drops that way.

Fortunately, with the 2022 weekly drop system revamp, players make have to level up at least once a week to get their weekly drop. As soon as you level up in a match you get your guaranteed weekly drop as long as you haven't received it earlier that week already.

When Does the Weekly Drop Reset in CS2

Knowing that you can get a guaranteed drop every week in CS2 is well and good, but knowing just when the weekly drop resets can also be a game changer. Now, the weekly drop resets on Tuesdays for NA players and Wednesdays for EU players.

This means that if you're close to leveling up but there are only thirty or so minutes left for the drop to reset, you could simply wait for it to reset. As soon as it does, simply level your account up to instantly get your weekly drop. Of course, this will also mean that you won't be able to get another drop into the next reset.

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Can Everyone Receive Weekly Drops?

Well, in the past, weekly drops were available to acquire for literally everyone. However, ever since the 2018 update where the game went free to play, there have been several changes made to the game and what people are eligible for drops.

Basically, only players with Prime status are qualified to get weekly drops in CS2. This means that if you're a free to play player then you cannot acquire a weekly drop even if you level your account up. Fortunately, we just might be able to help you get CS2 prime for free.

What Items Can You Get From Weekly Drops?

Now that you've gone through everything else regarding how the weekly drop system works in CS2, it's time to go through the meat and potatoes of this system so to speak. We are, of course, talking about what items you can even get from leveling up via the weekly drop system.


The first thing we want to go through are skins. After all, we're sure most players would rather get some good skins than graffiti. However, as we mentioned above, you should cross your fingers and hope for a skin that's EXTREMELY expensive. With that being said, who knows you might get lucky and get one of the Best CS2 Skins to Invest In 2023.

The skins that can drop in CS2 depend on the active pool at the time you level up. Valve often adds or removes skin collections from the pool. However, the skins you can acquire currently are from the following collections:


As mentioned above, you're better off not dropping graffiti in your weekly drops. Not only are they not nearly as valuable as skins, but they aren't as appealing either. As a matter of fact, most of the graffiti drops in the weekly drop system don't even hit a dollar in terms of value.


CS:GO Fracture Case unlock container screen showing various weapon skins

Finally, it used to be that cases were not rewarded for leveling up. Instead, they used to fall out randomly at the end of matches if players were lucky. This all changed with an update that came in June 2023. With it, players are able to get their weekly case drop by leveling up their account as well.

However, we're mentioning it here because it's also technically part of the weekly drop system. How, you ask? Well, you can only get a maximum of three case drops per week. After that, you have to wait for the week to reset before you can get any more cases.

Additionally, similar to the other weekly drops we mentioned, prime players have a major advantage when it comes to case drops as well. What case you get depends on whether or not you're a prime player, and, as expected, prime players have a higher chance of getting more valuable cases.

What’s next?

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