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How To Play CS2 on Linux?

How To Play CS2 on Linux?

CS2, the much awaited installation in the Counter-Strike series is finally out, and everyone is talking about it. However, one thing that hasn’t really been cleared up by Valve is whether or not it’s possible to play the game on Linux devices. After all, it was already cleared up that the game won’t run on MacOS devices.

Well, we’re glad to tell you that you can indeed play CS2 on Linux. What’s more, is that the OS, or operating system, has full support from Valve. This means that you can simply install the game from Steam without having to do anything else.

So, if you want to learn whether or not CS2 can be played on Linux you’re at the right place.

Does CS2 Support Linux?

Counter-Strike 2

Counter-Strike 2 (CS2), a beloved first-person shooter game, has captured the hearts of gamers around the globe. Initially, during its beta phase, this thrilling gaming experience was exclusively available for Windows users. 

However, there's great news for Linux enthusiasts and those who prefer open-source operating systems; you can now immerse yourself in the action-packed world of CS2 on your Linux system. This expansion of platform support has widened the game's accessibility, allowing even more players to participate in its intense battles and strategic gameplay. 

But, of course, there's a catch – your Linux system must meet the specified minimum requirements for this latest version of CS2. These requirements have been diligently outlined on the official Steam page for the game to ensure your system is prepared to take on the challenges CS2 has to offer.

CS2 Linux Minimum Requirements


Minimum Specifications

Operating System (OS)

Ubuntu 20.04


4 Hardware CPU threads – Intel Core i5 750 or higher




AMD GCN+ or NVIDIA Kepler+ with up-to-date Vulkan drivers. Support for VK_EXT graphics_pipeline_library highly recommended


85 GB available space

Sound Card

Highly recommended

These specifications are crucial to ensure a smooth gaming experience on Linux while playing Counter-Strike 2.

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How Can You Play CS2 on Linux

Playing CS2 on Linux is relatively straightforward, thanks to the availability of Steam for Linux. Here's how you can get started:

  1. Install Steam: If you don't already have Steam installed on your Linux system, you can download and install it from the official Steam website.
  2. Log in to Steam: After installation, open Steam and login with your Steam account or create one if you don't have an account.
  3. Purchase and Download CS2: Search for "Counter-Strike 2" in the Steam store. Once you've found the game, you can purchase and download it directly from Steam.
  4. Install CS2: Steam will guide you through the installation process, and you'll be able to install CS2 on your Linux system.
  5. Launch the Game: Once the game is installed, click on its icon in your Steam library to launch CS2.
  6. Adjust Settings: You can adjust in-game settings to optimize your gameplay experience, including graphics, audio, and controls.

With the necessary system requirements met and potential troubleshooting solutions in mind, you can easily enjoy the thrilling world of CS2 on your Linux system. While there may be occasional challenges, the ability to play this popular game on Linux is undoubtedly a welcome addition for gaming enthusiasts in the open-source community.

Troubleshooting Common Linux Issues in CS2

Now, you might be wondering what we mean when we say CS2 on Linux has some issues. Well, there are three very common problems Linux users face when playing CS2 and we’re here to highlight them here.

Audio Problems

If you encounter audio issues while playing CS2 on Linux, consider updating your audio drivers or adjusting your in-game audio settings. Additionally, checking for updates to your Linux distribution can help resolve some audio problems.

Stutter Flickering

Stutter and flickering can be caused by graphics driver issues. Ensure your graphics card drivers are up-to-date, and consider adjusting the in-game graphics settings to a level your system can comfortably handle.

Switching Monitor Issues

Some users have reported problems related to monitor switching. To address this, you can configure your monitor settings in your Linux distribution's display settings and ensure they align with CS2's settings.


How does the CS2 gaming experience differ when playing on a Linux platform compared to other operating systems?

When playing CS2 on a Linux platform, the gaming experience can differ primarily due to the unique architecture and compatibility of Linux. While CS2 is indeed made for Linux too, developers are still getting used to making their games be completely compatible with this operating system.

Are there any performance or compatibility advantages to playing CS2 on Linux?

One notable benefit Linux users have over other CS2 players is the potential for improved system stability and security that Linux operating systems provide. Linux is known for its robustness and efficient resource management, which can result in a more stable gaming experience.

What’s next?

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