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How Long Does it Take to Hit Master in League of Legends?


Every League of Legends player out there has one end goal, which is to hit master in the game at least once. However, that’s much easier said than done. After all, with millions of players playing the game every single day, the competition is fierce, and the climb is steep. All of these factors combined make it a little difficult to estimate just how long it takes to hit master.

Now, as mentioned above, it isn’t exactly easy to determine just how long it takes for someone to reach master in League of Legends. While the minimum amount of games is likely around the 50 games mark if you’re a professional player, you’ll likely have to play much more depending on your skill level. With that being said, it’s also possible to buy master boosting in League of Legends from a reputable website like Eloking to bring that estimated time down by a lot.

If you’ve been curious about how long it takes an average player to hit masters in League of Legends then we’re here to answer that question.

The Climb to Master for Professionals

Ranking up in League of Legends until you hit the fabled master rank is no easy feat. This should be obvious for you if you’ve read our League of Legends ranked guide

If you assume that a player has a 100% win rate, that is, that player wins every single match he or she plays, then it would take anywhere between 50 and 70 games to reach master.

However, because the climb gets progressively more difficult the higher you get, it’s a good idea to make the win rate 70%. Assuming that you need 100 games to reach master, winning 70 and losing 30, that would mean it would take around 16 hours for you to reach. With that being said, keep in mind that having a 70% or higher win rate is no easy feat. 

As a matter of fact, this type of win rate is expected from a professional of the same caliber as, say, Tyler 1. While Tyler1 never really went pro, we’re sure no one would argue that he has the skills to back up all that raging he does. If you wanna see if you fall in this category then check out how to check your win rate in League of Legends.

The Climb to Master For Regular Players

So, how long does it take to hit Master in League of Legends for the average player? There is no one-size-fits-all answer, as the time it takes will vary depending on a number of factors. Some of those factors are:

However, as a general rule of thumb, it is estimated that it takes around 1,000 to 1,500 ranked games to reach Master. This means that you will need to be playing ranked games for several hours every day in order to reach your goal in a reasonable amount of time.

How to Decrease the Time to Reach Master

Now, while we already have several in-depth guides on how you can improve in League of Legends such as how to win more ranked games in League of Legends, we figured it would still be a good idea to give some tips here too. All of these tips are sure to help decrease the time it takes for you to hit master in League of Legends

Set Clear Goals and Focus

Before embarking on your journey, define your goals clearly. Determine the specific rank you want to achieve and allocate time for focused gameplay. Having a clear goal will help you stay motivated and avoid aimless matches that don't contribute significantly to your progress.

Champion Mastery

Rather than spreading yourself thin across multiple champions, focus on mastering a select few. Becoming proficient with a handful of champions allows you to better understand their strengths, weaknesses, and optimal playstyles. This level of mastery can significantly increase your chances of winning matches.

Efficient Learning

After each match, take some time to review your gameplay. Identify mistakes, missed opportunities, and areas for improvement. By learning from your experiences, you can enhance your decision-making, mechanics, and overall gameplay at an accelerated pace.

Consistency is Key

Consistent practice is vital for skill improvement and rank progression. Dedicate a set amount of time each day to play League of Legends. Consistency helps build muscle memory, decision-making skills, and in-game awareness, all of which contribute to a shorter path to Master.

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What’s next?

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