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CS2: How do you get service medals?

CS2: How do you get service medals?

Competitive FPS games like CS2 have players sinking hours upon hours in them without anything to show for them. However, Valve decided to do something about that and introduce the service medals system to ensure that players who have really put in the time and effort into the game can show it off.

Today, we're here to go through everything about service medals in CS2. This includes what service medals are in CS2 and how you can get them. To take things to the next step, we'll also guide you on how you can level your service medals up to take them to the next level and flaunt them even more.

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What are service medals in CS2?

Image of a 2024 Service Medal floating in a virtual game environment

Let's first understand what service medals are in CS2 and what they signify. It's a way of showing other players that you've spent a lot of time in the game, specifically, a year where you invested countless hours. 

Once you meet the requirements, you'll receive a service medal which is a badge you can display in your CS profile. Every year has a different service medal with a unique design, which motivates grinding the game at least once a year because once a medal is gone, there's no way to acquire it later.

How do I get service medals in CS2?

A golden star-shaped medal with blue center displayed on a textured wall

To get service medals, you must first level up to an appropriate rank, after which you can soft reset your progress for a service medal. Once you have a medal, you can upgrade it later which will further level up your CS profile.

Level up:

You must first level up to level 40 and reach the Global General rank. Once you reach that level, you can trade their rank for a service medal. 

It's important to only play in official matchmaking servers, as playing in community servers doesn't grant any EXP, and the best way to get the most EXP is by playing in competitive or premier mode. Remember that your EXP slows down after you level up once, and the multiplier resets every Wednesday, so if you feel you're grinding too much for a small payoff, wait for that day to arrive to resume playing the game again.

Receive the medal:

Once you've reached level 40 in CS2, follow these steps:

  1. Open Counter-Strike 2 from Steam
  2. Click on your profile name that's under your character
  3. Click on the "Get Service Medal" option
  4. Click on it again, and you'll receive that year's service medal!

Show it off:

This part is optional, but if you want to display the badge on your CS profile, go to your inventory and open the "Display" tab. Once there, click on your service medal and select the "Display This Item" option, and it will finally show up in your profile, which you can then show off to other players.

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How to level up your service medal in CS2?

2023 service medal upgrade in a video game

Once you have a service medal, you can upgrade it by leveling up to rank 40 again and going up a tier. In Counter-Strike 2, there are six total tiers of service medals, with each level changing its colors. You start with a grey service medal, but leveling up will change it to green, blue, purple, pink, and red, in that order.

You can only level up the service medal in the year you got it, so if you're unsuccessful in doing it by then, you'll be stuck with the tier you last progressed to.

What’s next?

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