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Unveiling the Teams for Red Bull Home Ground 3: Who Will Steal the Show in the Last International Tournament of 2022?


Red Bull have unveiled the groups for their third edition of Home Ground, the only international LAN of the OFF//SEASON in 2022. The second round of invites revealed the three invited Americas teams — KRÜ Esports, 100 Thieves, and Cloud9 — as well as the three invited EMEA teams — Team Liquid, Team Vitality and former VRL DACH champions FOKUS — and the winner of the Turkish qualifier, FUT Esports. BIG were supposed to participate as winners of the EMEA qualifier but, after dropping their team, Red Bull invited Team Heretics to fill the gap.

The eight teams have been drafted into two groups: Group A consists of Cloud9, Team Vitality, FOKUS, and KRÜ Esports; while Group B is made up of Team Heretics, FUT Esports, 100 Thieves and Team Liquid. The first stage on December 9th will be a standard Bo3 format and the best team from each group, along with the remaining two teams in each group, will move onto the quarterfinals, which will be played on December 10th and pivot to the Home and Away format. Playoff matches will be Bo5 with each team selecting a Home map — if either team wins both Home maps, the match is won, but if not, the series proceeds as a regular Bo5. The final day of the event, on December 11th, will feature the semifinals and grand final.

Home Ground 3 is set to be the last act of the 2022 season and the last international tournament of the year before the VCT Kickoff Tournament in February. In addition to the $100,000 USD prize pool, there will also be cosmetic content drops available throughout the tournament.

If you’re an FPS enthusiast, Home Ground 3 looks set to be a thrilling tournament to watch. Teams such as Team Liquid, 100 Thieves and Cloud9 have an illustrious list of accomplishments, not just within their respective regions but also on a global stage. With the casting teams and analysts already in place, the excitement for Home Ground 3 is already beginning to build. Red Bull have already established Home Ground as the premiere international LAN experience, and this third edition will undoubtedly be an amazing event not to be missed!


Who are the teams invited for Home Ground 3?

The teams invited for Home Ground 3 are KRÜ Esports, 100 Thieves, Cloud9, Team Liquid, Team Vitality, FOKUS, FUT Esports and Team Heretics.

What is the format for the matches?

The matches at Home Ground 3 will be a Bo3 format for the first stage, and a Bo5 Home and Away format for the quarterfinals and onwards. For the playoff matches, each team will select a Home map — if either team wins both Home maps, the match is won, but if not, the series proceeds as a regular Bo5.

How much is the prize pool for the tournament?

The prize pool for Home Ground 3 is $100,000 USD.

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